Functional Medicine : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

functional medicine

functional medicine

Functional Medicine represents a shift in the healthcare paradigm, emphasizing a holistic approach to understanding and treating the underlying causes of disease.

1. What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to health care that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of diseases. It uses scientific methods, patient history, physical exams, and sometimes genomics and epigenetics to offer personalized care.

2. How does Functional Medicine differ from traditional medical practices?

Unlike traditional reactive care that often addresses symptoms, functional medicine emphasizes preventative measures and seeks to treat the underlying causes of health issues. This method involves a close partnership between patients and caregivers for comprehensive care.

3. Who practices Functional Medicine?

A wide range of health professionals practice functional medicine, including medical doctors (MDs), nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, chiropractors, therapists, and more—all of whom are committed to integrative medicine principles.

4. Can Functional Medicine help with conditions like menopause or low libido?

Yes! Functional medicine provides targeted treatments for various conditions such as menopause, low libido, weight loss challenges, insomnia among others through thorough testing—”test don’t guess”—and personalized functional medicine treatment plans.

5. Is Functional Medicine covered by health insurance?

Often times; services offered in functional medicine—like IV nutrition or extensive lab tests—are not covered by standard health or medical insurance policies due to their preventive nature rather than being considered essential healthcare according to many insurance providers.

6. How can I start with Functional Medicine?

Many practitioners offer a free consultation for new patients interested in exploring how this holistic approach can benefit their specific health concerns—allowing individuals an entry point into understanding the unique benefits of this healthcare model without initial financial commitment.

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