Heal n Cure – Wellness,  Weight Loss & Family Medicine in Northbrook, IL 

Heal n Cure is a Doctor’s (MD) office in the Chicago North Shore with expertise in weight loss and family medicine. We offer integrated medical services for wellness and healthy living, weight loss or weight management, and primary care – all under the supervision of Board Certified, Award Winning physicians. We help you find the answers for your health issues, and help you reverse the symptoms by addressing the root cause.

Designed to be the last wellness program you will ever need!

Functional Medicine

Integrated Functional Medicine

Feel, live and look the best you can through our specialized medical services for wellness, weight loss, healthy living, and primary care. Call 847-686-4444 to schedule your next appointment.

Personalized Care for each patient

Personalized Care

The success of our INSPIRE program, Aesthetics, and Nutrition guidelines are a result of our personalized wellness plans. Our Board Certified, award winning physicians are here to treat you, not just your symptoms.

Heal n Cure

Our Commitment To You

To provide personalized health and wellness care to help achieve an obesity-free life. Empower patients through education, motivation and the highest quality, compassionate medical care.

It’s not just Health Care, It’s how we care

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Heal n Cure Patient Success Stories

“As a patient at Heal n Cure I have seen first-hand the top quality, results oriented work. No silver bullets, no one size fits all approach or fads to follow. The professionals understand that each patient requires a unique and personalized treatment plan.”

Brian Gifford, SVP-HR 


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