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Men & Women Need Balanced Hormones

Female Intimate Health

You’re sitting in a meeting and suddenly, you’re sweating profusely! Or, you wake up in the middle of the night dripping with perspiration. Maybe sex is uncomfortable lately, or you feel dryness or itching down there. Is osteoporosis beginning? These are all signs of possible hormone deficiency. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can alleviate them, and get your hormonal balance back to its best.

Male Intimate Health

Just as sudden hot flashes or night sweats signal hormonal changes in women, men too face their own challenges as hormone levels ebb with age. Decreases in testosterone can lead to concerns in intimate health, vitality, and overall well-being. Our approach to male hormone replacement therapy is designed to rejuvenate and revitalize, addressing issues like reduced libido, fatigue, and mood fluctuations. With our tailored treatments, men can regain their confidence and enjoy an invigorated, fulfilling life.

Emotional Wellbeing for Men & Women

Hormones are powerful messengers affecting more than just our physical health; they’re integral to our emotional wellbeing too. Imbalances can lead to mood swings, irritability, and feelings of unease in both men and women. Notably, these hormonal changes can also disrupt sleep patterns, leading to restlessness and fatigue. Recognizing the profound impact of these hormonal shifts, our therapies aim to restore balance and bring about emotional stability. Whether it’s easing the stress of menopause, the anxiety linked to andropause, or sleep disturbances, our focus is on harmonizing your internal environment to help you feel emotionally centered and at peace.

Muscle Mass in Men & Women

Muscle strength and vitality are often casualties of hormonal imbalances in both genders. As hormone levels dip, so can our muscle mass and strength, impacting our overall physical capabilities and endurance. Our hormone replacement therapies are crafted not just to combat the loss of muscle tone but to support and enhance muscle regeneration. By balancing key hormones, we assist in maintaining muscle health, ensuring our patients enjoy not only a leaner physique but also the myriad benefits of improved physical strength and endurance.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Helps With:

Sudden weight gain

Adrenal/thyroid issues

Vaginal discomfort



Sarcopenia (low muscle)

Resistance to insulin

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Sleep disruption



Memory loss/fogginess


Hair loss


How Hormone Replacement Therapy Works



It starts with a consultation, where you’ll discuss in-depth your symptoms and concerns. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) treats both women and men with manmade hormones. These hormones are created from plant estrogens, and are chemically identical to your natural hormones.


Test, Not Guess

If hormone replacement therapy is deemed the proper treatment, blood will be drawn and lab work done to identify where the imbalance lay, and to analyze the chemical structure of your insufficient hormones. You will also discuss the most suitable technique for ingesting the bio-identical replacement hormones.


Begin Your Journey

Using this scientific data, Dr. Meena will choose the correct hormone compound and dosage. An appointment will be scheduled, and your therapy will begin. Heal n Cure delivers BHRT in pellet, oral capsule, and topical oil form. The hormone, mode of delivery and dosage are determined based upon your concerns, diagnostics, and health goals.


Find Balance

When your hormones are imbalanced, your body doesn’t cooperate correctly. Resupplying your body with the hormones it needs can help function return, and give your body a chance to heal the root causes of the imbalance. BHRT also helps your body with anti aging, building muscle, improving skin quality and hair, and more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Overall Health

The New U® Journey to Wellness® program defines a custom, personalized pathway to your best health and wellness. Heal n Cure will be with you every step of the way, moving at your own pace. This program helps create a system where treatments such as BHRT can have maximum effectiveness.

BHRT also works well for:
Underactive Thyroid (hypothyroidism)

Rather than treat symptoms, or address one problem at a time, we treat the root cause so you can reach your ultimate vitality and health goals.

About Dr. Meena

Dr. Meena Malhotra, MD is a Double Board Certified Physician, and a leading expert on Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Meet Dr. Meena

Meet Dr. Meena

Treatment for Low Libido in Females

Low libido, also known as a decreased sex drive, is a common issue that can affect individuals of all genders and ages. While it is normal for libido to fluctuate from time to time, persistent low libido can lead to dissatisfaction and strain in relationships. Hence, treatment for low libido becomes vital. With Low Libido cure, individuals can regain their sexual desire and improve their overall quality of life.

Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Clinic in Glenview offers a holistic approach for treatment of low libido in females as well as for treatment for low libido in males. Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized treatment for low libido that may include hormone optimization, nutritional guidance, stress management techniques, and counseling.

One of the approaches for treatment for decreased libido in females, also known as female sexual dysfunction, is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Low Libido cure involves fixing the hormonal imbalances, primarily involving estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. BHRT, through its treatment for low libido in females, aims to restore these hormones to their optimal levels, thereby improving sexual desire and overall sexual function. BHRT also offers a promising solution for treatment for low libido in males by restoring hormonal balance and potentially improving various aspects of their health.

Success Stories

I have been seeing Dr. Meena for almost 5 months and she has transformed my health. My son and I have suffered from auto immune issues for several years, and although I have seen a lot of improvement from other specialists, Dr. Meena is a hormone balancing expert. She is able to synthesize information from complex cases and develop an understanding of the root cause of illness. Based upon my experience, I also had my 16 year old son come in to see her. In about 6 weeks she has already made quite a significant improvement in my son’s overall health through dietary changes, supplements and a new way of looking at his health issues. Highly recommend.

Lynn J.

I am a family practice physician who tried to find cure myself for few years, suffering from menopausal symptoms, fatigue and change in my body weight and composition. Even having access to multiple resources myself, It was hard to find time and consistency with diet and exercise and hormone supplementation. I found this in Heal and Cure with Dr. Meena Malhotra . The practice is very well organized, focused on patients needs and very cost effective in a long run. Dr. Malhotra using evidence based medicine, she is very professional and dedicated. The office has lots of resources including dietician services and aesthetics, which I have not even tried yet. I already lost wt from 146 to 138 in 2 short months and feel great. It took the pressure of me to treat myself and it was nice to actually be a patient of this wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. Thank you to all of you in Heal and Cure. Will continue to be your loyal pt.

Bela G.

I am 52. After gaining a lot of weight due to career needs, my health, vitality and most importantly, my marriage was suffering. Dr. Meena Malhotra at Heal n Cure gave me a one hour appointment after I attended her free educational seminar about Hormone Therapy. I felt the office was very clean and the staff very professional, the phlebotomist was also on-site. On the next visit I was explained the results of the blood work. I have had my second Hormone treatment in about a year, and it has made a big difference in my energy, vitality and has put my life on track. Many thanks!

Matt M.

I love Dr Malhotra. She listens to what you say like you are her only patient. I did her New You program and feel so much better. I lost weight my hormones are finally balanced. I am retired and I was thinking of moving out of Illinois. But after the care I got at Heal n Cure I changed my mind. My husband said "you can't lose this doctor she is the only one that has helped you ". So I am staying in state.

Wendy D.

The Journey to Wellness® Program

Your symptoms could be part of a bigger illness picture. Instead of just treating the immediate symptom, Heal n Cure identifies and addresses the root cause of disease. It’s time that Highland Park, Long Grove, Winnetka, and all of greater Chicago had a choice for your health and wellness.

Our Approach

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