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Master Reset Flips the Switch on Stress Reduction

Psychological or mental resilience is the capacity to deal with psychological stress. The ability to stay cool under pressure is one of the keys to optimal nervous system health.

The Master Reset uses electrical stimulation therapy as an incredible way to impact the autonomic nervous system, achieving a “whole body” approach.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy Helps With:

Chronic pain

Muscle spasms






Emotional fortitude

How It Works


Understanding the System

The Autonomic Nervous System has 3 parts: Sympathetic (Flight and Fight Response), the Parasympathetic (Rest and Digest), and the Vagus nerve next to these two systems. They control heartbeat, breathing, digestion, circulation, temperature control, and more.


Parasympathetic Stimulation

Using a NEUBIE device (neuro-bio-electric stimulator), your wellness coordinator delivers pulsed direct current electrical stimulation to your body, positively affecting your parasympathetic nervous system.


Relearning Your Capabilities

The New U® Journey to Wellness® Program

Since 2005, Heal n Cure has helped members in Wilmette, Lake Bluff, Highland Park, Glenview, and more live their best lives.

Incorporating the Master Reset into your personalized Journey to Wellness® program can put you in a better position for improved levels of wellness, confidence, and vitality—a healthy New U®!!

About Dr. Meena

Dr. Meena Malhotra, MD is a Double Board Certified Physician, and a leading expert on Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Meet Dr. Meena

Meet Dr. Meena

Success Stories

It started with the visit that was very interesting & continued to be a journey of many visits for Various medical and health related issues that were very healing & better wellness for me! I followed Dr Meena’s advise & related instructions with great attention to detail without feeling stressed nor tired! It was feeling great & happy that I continued feeling better each visit! I was always looking forward to the following visit eagerly! Much appreciated for my Heal n Cure Wellness journey! It was total wellness & surely healthier! Dr Meena & her team that I dealt with made me always feel great & comfortable always! The clinic’s environment is very relaxing, peaceful & frindly! Awesome journey

Nellymary Z.

Functional Medicine for Whole-Person Care

Heal n Cure identifies and addresses the root cause of health concerns, creating a personalized, achievable plan for your journey to wellness. Our “test, don’t guess” approach uses science-based diagnostics as the foundation for unique, whole-person health.

Combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Meena’s Heal n Cure Functional medicine clinic creates better health for life.

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Master Reset

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