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  • Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)
  • Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM)


  • Medical Degree – GSVM Medical College, University of Kanpur
  • Internal Medicine Residency & Internship – Saint Joseph Hospital (Affiliated with Northwestern University)
  • St Joseph Hospital, Residency Hospital — 2001
  • St Joseph Hospital, Internship Hospital — 2000
  • Kanpur University / G.S.V.M. Medical College, Medical School — 1995

Hospital Affiliations

  • Skokie Hospital
  • Glenbrook Hospital
  • Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
  • Highland Park Hospital
  • Evanston Hospital
  • Northwest Community Hospital

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Physicians
  • Obesity Medicine Association

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My Personal Journey

As with most new doctors finally graduating from 10 years of medical education, I was ready. With a head full of knowledge and a heart full of passion, I wanted to heal the world.

The profession I chose was supposed to make patients feel better. But with time the glitter rubs off, and the modern medical system packed my daily schedule, running through patients every 15 minutes.

Gone were the opportunities to build the patient-doctor relationship. Instead, we had to get to the point of their visit quickly. The problem was, I recognized that most of the illness my patients faced could be resolved by therapeutic lifestyle change, not the latest pharmaceutical product being promoted by big companies.

Meet Dr. Meena
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If you have ever tried to change a habit, you know what it takes. Not speed, not racing to the next patient. It takes time. So to help them and still work within the current system, I found myself speed talking to them, and was losing the gist of the subject. Time constraints and workload didn’t allow me to guide them through their health journey. I gave them the destination without showing them the path to get there. No wonder they were lost. So was I.

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With stress piling up, and the pressure of prescribing pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms but not cure the causes, the professional pressure affected my professional goals and my personal life as well. I gained weight, lost sleep, and became irritable. This was not the best version of who I could be.

Self Reflection

After an in-depth period of self reflection, I realized this path did not lead to the destination I wanted for my work, and my life. That’s when I dove into Functional Medicine. It was like breathing again!

Functional medicine showed me the path to health—for me, and for my patients. I began to feel better and look better. I gained energy, and my passion renewed. I realized I knew how to help change the world around me, just as I had dreamed of as a young doctor those years ago.

My patients could see the changes, and they were eager to learn the “secrets” of what I’d done. I was more than glad to share!

Today I have my health and my life back. Using the tools of functional medicine, my mission at Heal n Cure is to spread the message in Glenview, Highland Park, Long Grove, Winnetka, Kenilworth—all across Chicago and out into the world—that you have a choice when it comes to your wellness.

I sincerely hope I can share the path to your optimum health along with you.

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Success Stories

This was my first time meeting Dr. Meena and I thought she was fabulous! On a personal level she’s very upbeat and passionate. As a doctor she really has a depth and breadth of knowledge that is very hard to find. We’re going to meet again to investigate an issue no one else has been able to discover much less treat. She doesn’t seem the type satisfied with the status quo so I’m convinced she’ll get to the bottom of it!

Kasey C.

Dr. Meena with Peter Diamandis at A4M conference 2022

Effort to collaborate with Peter Diamandis to promote longevity for our community.

Dr. Meena with Peter Diamandis at A4M conference 2022

Why Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered approach to chronic disease management that takes into account various factors to develop targeted treatment plans. In addition to genetics, lifestyle, environment, and emotional well-being are considered to address underlying imbalances contributing to health issues. This holistic approach sets Functional Medicine apart from traditional medical practices. When seeking treatment from a Functional Medicine Doctor, you can expect a thorough examination of your medical history and a personalized approach to your healthcare. Top Functional Medicine Doctors prioritize listening to their patients and understanding their unique circumstances.

At Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Clinic, we specialize in medical wellness, weight loss, hormone balancing, urinary incontinence, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and anti-aging using an Integrative and Functional Medicine approach. This means that they not only focus on treating symptoms but also aim to identify and address the root causes of health problems. By incorporating Integrative and Functional Medicine, Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Clinic provides comprehensive and individualized care to help patients achieve optimal health and well-being.


Dr. Meena at Daytime Chicago talks about healing with Blood-Derived Growth Factors treatment