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Your Metabolism Is Life

Metabolism is the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions in our bodies. Your metabolism:

  • Converts food into energy.
  • Breaks food down into building blocks for bone, muscle, etc.
  • Eliminates toxins from your body

When used along with Heal n Cure’s Journey to Wellness® program, Dr. Meena’s Vital Dose detox products in North Chicago can enhance your metabolism  and help your body work best to perform these metabolic processes.

Vital Dose Helps With:

Food cravings

Chronic fatigue

Hormone imbalance

Mood issues

Metabolism-triggered issues

Toxin elimination (digestive and urinary)


Immunity and resistance to disease

How it Works



Based upon clinical information you share with us during the consultation, your Heal N Cure wellness coordinator will take a dive deep to identify the root cause of your illness.



Once the issue is targeted, Dr. Meena will customize your Vital Dose supplement, combining medicinal herbs, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids to help your body level your metabolism, cleanse toxins, and begin healing. As it moves forward, you’ll feel more energy, improved moods, and overall better wellness.



The New U® Journey to Wellness® Program

Since 2005, Heal n Cure has treated health concerns in Glencoe, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Glenview, Kenilworth, Highland Park, Wilmette, Evanston, Lake Bluff, and more.

When you combine Vital Dose detox products in North Chicago with your complete, personalized Journey to Wellness® program, you put yourself in the best position to achieve a new level of health, confidence, and personal wellbeing—a New U®!

About Dr. Meena

Dr. Meena Malhotra, MD is a Double Board Certified Physician, and a leading expert on Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Meet Dr. Meena

Meet Dr. Meena

Success Stories

Great results! Irina was extremely helpful! I've changed my eating habits and started eating much healthier. I feel more energetic and actually want to wake up in the morning. I must say that, even though some people can diet and do it themselves however, the directions and guidance that I received helped me keep this lifestyle. I feel energetic and less sluggish, my metabolism started to work so much better and my skin actually feels so much better (not sure if it's from this but I started seeing the changes after a few months of starting) The products that are recommended are healthier for you (I've researched) don't have the extra garbage that most places sell. Not all vitamins are made equally. I am very thankful and would recommend HealNCure to anyone that wants to become healthier and loose some extra weight on the way for the long run

Ronen P.

Functional Medicine for Whole-Person Care

Your symptoms are often signs of a deeper, underlying issue. Heal n Cure identifies and addresses the root cause of disease, creating a personalized, achievable plan for your journey to wellness.

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