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The Microbiome: Your Second Brain for Health

Our digestive system works 24/7 to transform the food we eat into molecules our body can use.

It’s also the home of the enteric nervous system, with the same type of neurons and neurotransmitters that are found in the central nervous system. Considered the body’s “second brain”, it affects or controls motor functions, blood flow, body mucous, and immunity and endocrine function.

Dysfunction in this system can wreak havoc throughout the body! That’s why your gut health doctor in Glenview knows how to improve gut health for better total health.

Heal n Cure's Gut Health/IBS Support Helps With...





Autoimmune diseases

Chronic fatigue

and other health issues

What's Involved

Overall Microbiome Support

We have far more bacterial DNA in our body than our own DNA. Because microorganisms in the gut help regulate the body’s immune response, your gut health doctor in Glenview provides support methods for a healthy and balanced intestinal environment.

Addressing IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a complex syndrome with many underlying subtypes. It can present as constipation or diarrhea predominantly or associated with pain/cramp with bowel movements. Targeted treatment leads to the best outcomes.

Leaky Gut

How Your Gut Health Doctor In Glenview Helps

Neurotransmitter testing
Menopause management
Detox program
Master reset
Medical weight loss
Vital dose
Bioidentical hormone therapy

About Dr. Meena

Dr. Meena Malhotra, MD is a Double Board Certified Physician, and a leading expert on Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Meet Dr. Meena

Meet Dr. Meena

Success Stories

My journey to weight loss and good health began with my first visit to Heal n Cure. Dr. Meena Malhortra’s program started my eating habits to change and become closer to nature. Eating began an adventure into finding ways to live without flour and dairy. Deciding to eat this way produced a tremendous weight loss over time. I have kissed 72 lbs and feel and look wonderful. It was gradual and addicting. My own son started the program and has listed over 50 lbs. Remember, Dr. Malhortra said everything begins in your gut!

Barbara B.

About Heal n Cure

Since 2005, Heal n Cure has treated health concerns in Glenview and throughout the Chicago metro, including Wilmette, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Glencoe, Evanston, and more. Dr. Meena, your gut health doctor in Glenview, believes that looking and feeling your best isn’t a destination. It’s a lifelong journey full of amazing discoveries about your body and yourself. Her functional medicine approach leads every step taken to a new level of health, confidence, and personal wellbeing.

Our Approach

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