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On Your Side & By Your Side

Having the right team of medical practitioners in your corner makes all the difference in your Journey to Wellness®. We look forward to serving as your ally and to partner with you as we initiate and follow your personalized health care. 

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Team Highlights


  • Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified, American Board of Bariatric Medicine


  • Specialized Training in Functional and Integrative Medicine


  • Mentor and trainer of physicians at the Nation’s Top Ten Health System.
  • Illinois Top Doctors
  • Sheridan Road Top Physicians in Northshore
  • Weighty Considerations – Obesity-related respiratory disorders and their treatment, Therapy Times April 04, 2010, Meena Malhotra, MD
  • All Natural Awakening articles.

Our Team Mission

Dr. Meena encourages women and men to pay attention to their own health right now.  Each of us should take our symptoms seriously and have them checked immediately—because they usually point to a more serious root cause.

Our team is composed of physicians, advanced practicing nurses, a health coach, yoga coach and an esthetician. We work collectively to discover the underlying issues and find the correct treatment. We collaborate on a full body integrative approach to true vitality and wellness. We are here with you, supporting you through every step of the healing and recovery process.

Dr. Meena created Heal n Cure to be a leading Functional Medicine clinic in the greater Chicago area. We believe wellness should encompass the whole person, and through a combination of Western and Easter medicines, rooted firmly in science, we can achieve an amazing “blue zone” level of health and wellness.