The ‘Fat Trap’ – Don’t Fall into it

The NY Times article, “The Fat Trap,” says that hard as losing weight may be, keeping it off requires near superhuman effort. The article further makes the point that the number of calories (essentially – ‘calorie counting’) is far more important than the nutritional balance of the calories consumed. We disagree on both counts based on our clinical experience with the patients undergoing the INSPIRE – Core Wellness program.

For someone with chronic obesity, our clinical experience after treating thousands of patients is that a personalized wellness plan created after evaluating the patient’s lifestyle, nutrition, medical history, medications, blood and urine tests delivers the best results. The medications are carefully monitored and are reduced or eliminated – refer to some of the patients experiences here ( ). This results in a safe and steady progress towards wellness, with an improved Body Composition. Again, the focus has to be on Fat Loss, and not Weight Loss. Fat Loss improves the Body Composition.

The ‘calorie counting’ approaches do little to restore balance and promote healing, and more often than not, leads to cravings, and results in a ‘yo-yo’ effect, weight loss & and then weight gain.