Thanking all our patients for their commitment to Wellness

We would like to thank our patients for working with our care team. For asking questions and helping us develop their INSPIRE – personalized care plan. Our patients take the time to understand our unique model of care, they ask a lot of questions, understand the our modern approach to healthcare, and our patients take control and responsibility of their own health. They then become opinion leaders and educators in their own right among their family and friends. We salute you, for being the agent of change in your own health and wellness, and for letting us play a role in this wonderful process. Together, we can prevent and reverse chronic illnesses. Our patients have made a difference in their own lives and are positively influencing those around them. Together, with every patient, we form a team which commits to their personalized care plan. Together, we track progress as patient goes through the program, savoring the little victories every week, as we overcome the challenges together, and find answers to questions that arise.

To track patient satisfaction, Heal n Cure regularly participates in a surveys by PatientImpact working with the American Medical Association(AMA). The PatientImpact – PressGaney survey helps us benchmark and compare our patient satisfaction to help us further improve. Following are some of the remarks PatientImpact AMA received recently from a recent survey of our patients.

  • My experience with the doctors and the Heal n Cure organization has been terrific. They have exceeded my expectations with the level of care and concern and have always been friendly, professional and particularly sensitive to my personal issues and challenges. I continue to go to them and would encourage anyone I know to do the same.

  • I love the doctor and the entire team! Everyone is very helpful, pleasant, caring and seem to be extremely committed to their work. I am so glad I found this group of professionals.

  • For the first time in almost 2 years I feel like my issues are being addressed. They are wonderful.

  • Dr. Malhotra is very kind, caring and genuine. She listens takes her time and is invested in the well being of every patient. I am very fortunate to have found Heal n Cure and to have utilized the knowledge of Dr. Malhotra and turn my health around.

  • I am so happy I found Heal n Cure. For the first time in my life, I feel I have found doctors and a practice who listen to me and what I need, and do not judge me based on my size. Although I initially came to the practice for their preventative wellness program, I now receive all of my health care through Heal n Cure.

  • I am very excited about getting started. I have battled with weight all my life, and I believe I have finally found a place that can help me!!

  • Dr. Malhotra and the entire staff at Heal ‘n Cure are excellent. I’m so glad I went to them. With their help, I have turned my health around, lost a lot of weight and am looking forward to increased weight loss and increased vibrancy and health. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have changed my life!

  • I really value this whole office! The front staff, support staff, and doctor are incredible and a pleasure to visit. I feel they have helped me immensely improve my health and hopefully longevity. I can’t say enough about this office to my coworkers and friends. I have recommended this office to at least 5 people and I know two of my coworkers have set up appointments to be seen after my referrals.

  • I never expected the results that I received & it’s all due to the Doctor’s clear and helpful direction. I have lost 32 pounds (I would have been satisfied with only 20) I found their program easy to follow and they could not have been more helpful.