I am so happy with the progress I have made under Dr Meena’s care. She has helped me restore the quality of my life. Before coming into her care, I could not sleep. I would become emotional on the smallest of things…I was experiencing a severe case of post menopausal symptoms. My gynecologist told me it is part of aging and I need to learn to accept it. There is not much that she can do. She recommended all kinds of off the shelf products which did not provide any relief to me. But this all changed when I spoke to Dr Meena. She explained to me the step by step process of how she will first restore my cellular health and then she will treat my hormones as treating hormones without first fixing the cellular health can cause other health issues. It all made sense and I started her treatment. Six months into the treatment, I am seeing significant improvements and first time hopeful that with some more care & nurturing I can feel the way I should feel. I highly recommend Dr Meena.