Frank M.

I live locally and run a large business in the area. I dread going to the doctor for many reasons, but mainly because the intentions don’t always seem pure. Dr. Malhotra will use her education and many resources to find the best solution to your problem. Im confident her morals and ethics exceed what we would expect from a doctor, and that her intentions are pure.

Dr. Malhorta is not only a doctor, she is a business woman. She has put together a great team and efficient process’s with her education and experience. Her staff is well trained and knows how to put the personal touch on your visit.

Im impressed by the rare combination of skills… she can operate a business, build a strong team, and has the intelligence and commitment to become a doctor.

If you don’t see Dr. Malhotra, I hope you come across someone who has the same qualities as her and her team! Least important point thus far but something to stop and think about…. I have never left a review in my life!

Thank you Dr. Malhotra : )