Bela G.

I am a family practice physician who tried to find cure myself for few years, suffering from menopausal symptoms, fatigue and change in my body weight and composition. Even having access to multiple resources myself, It was hard to find time and consistency with diet and exercise and hormone supplementation. I found this in Heal and Cure with Dr. Meena Malhotra . The practice is very well organized, focused on patients needs and very cost effective in a long run. Dr. Malhotra using evidence based medicine, she is very professional and dedicated. The office has lots of resources including dietician services and aesthetics, which I have not even tried yet. I already lost wt from 146 to 138 in 2 short months and feel great. It took the pressure of me to treat myself and it was nice to actually be a patient of this wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. Thank you to all of you in Heal and Cure. Will continue to be your loyal pt.