https://youtu.be/Jl50Vr6Hyg4Transcript:– Chemicals, stress, toxins. They are everywhere, and that’s a real problem. It makes your body more acidotic. When acid is there, it dissolves the bone. You have bad things like BPA and parabens, which are there in lots of hair products, and BPA is there in everything. It steals… It’s called xenoestrogen because it steals your own estrogen. Estrogen’s crucial for bone.So what are we taught?
– That, oh, in my 30s I was drinking in that plastic bottle and I was opening the cans of stuff and eating all the time. Maybe, for us, it is a little too late, but we have a daughter, a niece, and someone in the family to whom we can pass this message. So is it too late for us?
– No, but we can stop the further damage because whatever you are going to do will keep leeching that stuff out of your bones and your bones will continue to get weaker. But don’t smoke. Decrease the alcohol and the chemicals in the food. The medication’s a huge one. How many medicines can make your bones weak? Psychiatric medications. So many of them getting prevalent. Used for anxiety, sleep issues, and emotions. They’re all making our bones weak. How many years mindlessly do we take them? Medications to decrease the acid in your stomach, then you cannot absorb the calcium, the magnesium, that is needed for it. We are just going along and we are doing these things without thinking. Why don’t you stop doing all those things? And your bones, you will stop them, you will stop the accelerated loss. Is everyone with me? Each point is equally important.