How soon will I see results from Exion in Chicago?

Exion’s treatment modalities promote your body’s natural healing powers to transform skin and improve intimate wellness. Because it takes time for your body to accomplish this, most results won’t be apparent immediately after treatment, though some will appear after your first treatment. Within a few weeks after your last treatment, you should begin to notice improvements in skin tone, including reduced pigmentation, enhanced volume, and a more youthful “glow.” Because every patient is unique, results vary on a case-by-case basis.

As your skin continues to produce new collagen fibers, elastin, and elevated levels of hyaluronic acid, you’ll enjoy smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. This also provides stronger support for skin structure, reducing the appearance of sagging/drooping skin.

While your dermal layers become more hydrated and plumper, indented scarring will be reduced—including acne scarring and stretch marks in your treatment area(s).

Your Heal n Cure provider will give you instructions on home-based skincare to best support your treatments, and can help you schedule follow-up sessions to maintain longer-lasting, positive results.