Exercise for seniors and why it is important

While exercise is important for everyone, the value of exercise for Seniors is often overlooked. During the aging process, there is a natural loss of muscle mass and normal range of motion unless there is an intentional effort made to retain both. Loss of muscle mass tends toward decline in health and loss of range of motion can contribute to joint pain, balance issues and compromised mobility for everyday activities.

Seniors who already exercise regularly can still have loss of muscle mass. Changes in hormones, nutritional requirements and general health due to natural aging can deplete muscle reserves. When muscle mass is addressed with a multi-pronged approach of nutritional support, optimal hormone interactions and exercise, it is possible to regain and keep muscle mass and strength. At Heal n Cure, we consider your body composition when evaluating health. Healthy senior men have a lean muscle mass percentage between 33-39% and a fat percentage between 13-24%. Healthy senior women have a lean muscle mass between 26-31 % and a fat percentage between 24-35%. When lean muscle disappears with age, metabolism rates can change as well. Muscle tissue uses calories. When calories are not used, they are converted to stored fat eventually. The resulting ratio of muscle to fat creates an unhealthy cycle of more stored fat and declining muscle, unless there is intervention.

The functional medicine approach addresses this cycle by understanding nutritional needs and tailoring an eating plan appropriate for individuals. No one eating plan meets the needs of every person. We also take a close look at hormone levels and their interaction as they relate to reported symptoms. When hormones are at optimal levels, muscle mass can be addressed. We use a system called Neufit that engages large muscles with maximal contraction from electrical stimulation combined with gentle exercise movements that lengthen and shorten the muscle belly while in a contracted state. This approach produces small micro-tears in muscle tissue that builds lean muscle in a way that ordinary exercise, even resistance exercise alone cannot do. Ultimately, our combined approach of nutrition, optimizing hormone levels and building lean muscle mass changes your body composition and health.

Are you ready to see what role exercise can play in building your lean muscle mass? Call (847) 686-4444 to set your appointment. Don’t settle for simply exercising. Be sure your body is ready to build lean muscle mass by enlisting our expertise in a functional medicine approach that addresses your nutritional needs, optimal hormone interaction and overall health first.