Don’t let obesity steal your lifestyle and fun. Lose fat to take control.

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Many of our patients had been suffering from chronic illnesses, some over the past several years before they underwent our wellness program.  They had been taking multiple pills and medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, weight loss, diabetes, pain, heartburn, depression, and sleep apnea. Treating each symptom listed above by itself without addressing the underlying cause is not the answer.

Read below as to how a popular TV show relieved participants’ chronic illnesses.  The participants are closely monitored by physicians and trainers to make sure they can hold up to the rigors of training, changes in diet, medications, and lifestyle.

From  The Biggest Loser Australia: Couples 2 episode summaries

The average age of the contestants this season is 34; they take a total of 45 different medications, making them both the sickest and the heaviest group of contestants to date.  All the contestants are taken to a hospital to review their previously-conducted medical test results with Dr. Robert Huizenga. The tests reveal the extent of obesity has adversely affected all of the contestants’ health.

After a few episodes, Dr. Huizenga evaluates participants Blaine and Ron and telling them how much they have improved their health.

“Blaine was once taking eight different medications per day, for diabetes, cholesterol, and depression, but now no longer needs any of them. Ron was once taking ten pills per day plus insulin, but he is now down to only one with a reduced level of insulin. Dr. Huizenga informs them that this reduction in medication will save Blaine a projected $733,000 over his lifetime, and Ron over $20,000 per year.”

How many fun vacations can you take with that kind of money?

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Don’t let obesity steal your lifestyle and fun. Lose fat to take control.