Corporate Wellness Programs & High Needs, at-risk Employees – an unmet need

For the 10% of at-risk employees, only a face-to-face relationship with a specially trained medical provider, dedicated to managing and reversing their chronic conditions delivers the results.  Status quo and delivering more of the same kind of care has not helped. It has been tried for the past 20 years and has led to a state of disengagement and helplessness with the healthcare system that employee groups currently feel.

An enhanced wellness program to address the employee group’s needs is the easiest and most cost-effective way to impact 70% of the employer’s healthcare costs. Employers, Brokers, Corporate Wellness Providers who realize this will outshine their competition.  The employers, whose business’ future is at stake, should not miss this opportunity to leverage enhanced corporate wellness as a C-Suite strategy to attract talent and gain competitive advantage.

Interestingly, the MBGH employer member survey reflects the right priorities. While ‘increasing the use of preventive services’ is among the top three priorities, ‘expanding on-site primary care’ is the least important.  Sounds contradictory? It isn’t, because the previous survey (Identifying the Triggers and Barriers to Engaging Employees, MBGH 2011) conducted among employees indicated that they want a physician-led program, preferably outside the premises of their employer at an independent facility.  The savvy employers have realized this, and that is why the emphasis is now on creating a culture, increasing engagement and use of preventive services, at a facility where the employee feels comfortable.

Corporate Wellness Programs & High Needs, At-Risk Employees – An Unmet Need