Lisa S.

I had a myriad of health issues, several of which I was unaware of until I was tested by Dr. Malhortra. It seemed daunting at first that I could find a way to ameliorate these issues. I was told by Dr. Malhotra that she could point me in the right direction but I had to do the work; and work I did. In the last 6-7 weeks, I started to feel amazingly better for the first time in a few years: clear thinking, much less fatigue and no more brain fog, no more depression and anxiety, more energy, etc. but esp more hope that I could find my way out of the abyss I had been in for a very long time. I am grateful to Dr. Malhorta and her entire team for helping me to focus and heal. I could not have done this by myself as I had tried to do that for years.