Summer Arm Session – Workout for Beginners

Summer Arm Session - Workout for Beginners

Summer Arm Session - Workout for Beginners

In our last installment we presented a full body weight lifting session for beginners. Today, and for our next few segments, we’ll target different muscle groups to allow for training of specific parts of the body. To get in shape for tank top season, we’ll focus on upper arms with this chest and triceps work out for beginners. Follow the 6 exercises below, in the sequence presented:

Bench Dip

8 – 10 reps, set of 2

Sit on side of bench. Place hands on edge of bench. Position feet away from bench. Straighten arms, slide rear end off of edge of bench, and rest heels on floor with legs straight. Lower body by bending arms until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder, or rear end touches floor. Raise body and repeat.

Dumbbell Bench Press

10 – 12 reps, set of 2

Sit down on bench with dumbbells resting on lower thigh. Kick weights to shoulder and lie back. Position dumbbells to sides of chest with bent arm under each dumbbell. Press dumbbells up with elbows to sides until arms are extended. Lower weight to sides of chest until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder. Repeat.

Close Grip Bench Press

8 – 10 reps, set of 2

Lie on bench and grasp barbell from rack with slightly narrower than shoulder width grip. Lower weight to chest with elbows close to body. Push barbell back up until arms are straight. Repeat.

Chest Press

10 – 12 reps, set of 2

Sit on seat with chest approximately height of horizontal handles. If available, push foot lever until lever is within grasping range. Grasp handles with wide overhand grip; elbows out to sides just below shoulders. Release foot lever. Press lever until arms are extended. Return weight until chest muscles are slightly stretched. Repeat.

Cable Triceps Extension

12 – 15 reps, set of 2

Face high pulley and grasp rope attachment with clinched hands side by side (palms in). Position elbows to side. Extend arms down. Turn palms down at bottom. Return until forearm is close to upper arm and hands are in original position. Repeat.

Wide Push Up

8 – 10 reps, set of 2

Lie prone on floor with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off floor by extending arms with body straight. Keeping body straight, lower body to floor by bending arms. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.

DisclaimerPlease use your own preferred trainer, equipment or facility for your exercise program. As with any exercise program, please take all safety precautions while engaging in exercise.  If at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should immediately stop and consult the nearest healthcare professional.  Acceptance of Terms: When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. By engaging in such a program you agree that you do so at your risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and agree to release Heal n Cure from any claims. Please do not start the exercise program if you do not agree to these terms.