How Illinois stacks up in Preventing Obesity In The Child Care Setting?

Let’s see how Illinois stacks up and where we still have the room for improvement, per the report from Duke University.
Yea’s on Healthy Eating Grades
Nutrition education is offered to child care providers at least one time per year.
Providers encourage, but do not force, children to eat.
Nay’s on Healthy Eating Grades
Sugary drinks are permitted.
No nutrition education is offered to the children.
Yea’s on Physical Activity
Children are provided with 60 minutes of physical activity per day.
Children are provided outdoor active play time at least two times per day.
Children are not seated for periods longer than 30 minutes except when 
sleeping or eating.
Nay’s on Physical Activity
Child care providers withhold active play time as punishment.
Physical activity education is not offered to child care providers.
Physical activity education is not offered to children.
Source: Uploaded by user via Heal n Cure Wellness Center on Pinterest