Dennis Sierociuk loses a 100+ lbs, Heal n Cure donates $100 to Helping Hands

Heal n Cure donates $100 to charities on behalf of Dennis Sierociuk who loses 100 lbs. Dennis Sierociuk from Rosemont has chosen to donate to the Rosemont Helping Hands Program. “It’s a great charity that helps many people”, Sierociuk said.

Sierociuk said he first realized he needed to change his lifestyle was when doctors told him he needed to lose several pounds before they could operate on an ailment. “I had kidney problems and I realized if I didn’t lose the weight, it could be a major problem,” Seirociuk said. “I lost 80 pounds and had the surgery. But the doctor (Dr. Meena Malhotra) helping me lose weight wanted me to do more, so she said she’d donate $100 to any charity I wanted once I lost a total of 100 pounds.”

“It’s not about starving,” Seirociuk said. “To lose weight you exercise, change your eating habits and more. The body is like a machine, you need to get it working properly then to keep it working properly.”

check out the full article on the Rosemont Journal

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Heal n Cure’s INSPIRE – ‘Core Wellness’ program emphasizes Lifestyle Changes. With patient education and support built into the program, we encourage the patient take control of their life and reduce their dependence on pills throughout their life.

Many of our patients had been suffering from chronic illnesses over past several years before they underwent our wellness program. They had been taking multiple pills and medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, weight loss, diabetes, pain, heartburn, depression and sleep apnea. Most of these are obesity related comorbidities. Treating each symptom listed above by itself without addressing the underlying cause is not the answer. The side effects from taking all these medications may cause what we have termed as Pillness.