Beat the Heat: Expert Skincare Tips from Dr. Meena

Summer Skincare tips by Dr. Meena | Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Center

Summer Skincare tips by Dr. Meena | Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Center

As the temperatures rise and the days become longer, our skin requires special attention to stay healthy and radiant. Dr. Meena, a leading functional medicine doctor and skin expert, shares her top summer skincare tips to help you protect your skin from the harsh summer sun and maintain a glowing complexion.

  1. Prioritize Sun Protection

    • Use Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen:

      Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply it generously on all exposed skin 15 minutes before stepping outside. Silc Sheer 2.0 provides dual advantage as it has both chemical and physical or mineral sunscreen. In addition it has a sheer tint which makes it a great choice to be used as daily moisturizer.

    • Reapply Regularly:

      Reapply sunscreen every 60 to 90 minutes, or immediately after swimming or sweating.

    • Seek Shade:

      Avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours (10 AM to 4 PM). Seek shade whenever possible.

  2. Stay Hydrated

    • Drink Plenty of Water:

      Aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

    • Hydrating Foods

      Incorporate water-rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, and oranges into your diet.

  3. Adjust Your Skincare Routine

    • Lightweight Moisturizer:

      Switch to a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. Our favorite water based moisturizer is Advanced HA which has hyaluronic acid with DNA repair enzymes in a gel like base.

    • Gentle Cleansing:

      Use a gentle cleanser daily to remove sweat, sunscreen, and impurities without stripping your skin’s natural oils.Our favorite is the Gentle Cleanser with copper peptides which helps clearing unfavorable bacteria, virus and fungus from the skin.

    • Exfoliation:

      Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. Avoid over-exfoliating, which can irritate the skin. Chemical exfoliation is best avoided during high summer months.

  4. Protect Your Eyes and Lips

    • Sunglasses:

      Wear sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the sun. Eye cream with DNA repair enzymes (Eye lift Serum) help with repairing photodamage.

    • Lip Balm with SPF:

      Use a lip balm that contains SPF to protect your lips from sunburn and dryness. Lip balm with copper peptides (Cu3 Lip Repair) helps with healthy protein synthesis in the tissue.

  5. Antioxidant-Rich Diet

    • Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods:

      Consume foods high in antioxidants, such as berries, nuts, and leafy greens, to combat free radicals and promote healthy skin.

    • Vitamin C Serum:

      Incorporate a vitamin C serum into your skincare routine to boost collagen production and protect against environmental damage.

  6. Stay Cool

    • Cold Compress:

      Use a cold compress or facial mist to cool down your skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

    • Aloe Vera:

      Keep aloe vera gel in the fridge and apply it to sunburned or irritated skin for a soothing effect.

  7. Avoid Heavy Makeup

    • Minimal Makeup:

      Opt for minimal makeup during the summer to let your skin breathe. If you wear makeup, choose lightweight, non-comedogenic products.

    • Tinted Moisturizer:

      Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF for light coverage and sun protection.

  8. Watch for Skin Changes

    • Skin Checks:

      Regularly check your skin for any new or changing moles or spots. Consult a dermatologist if you notice anything unusual.

    • Professional Treatments:

      Consider professional treatments like hydrating facials for sun damage. However, laser treatments might not be ideal for sun-exposed skin, especially during summertime. This is because we can’t perform laser treatments on burned skin, and getting a laser treatment followed by a sunburn a few days later can cause serious damage to freshly treated skin.

      While a summer glow is desirable, many laser treatments work best on untanned skin, regardless of skin tone. Having your skin at its palest can help the laser perform more effectively, depending on the treatment you’re receiving.

      Sun exposure before laser treatment: Skin that’s irritated by sun exposure, even without a sunburn, is more prone to irritation, burns, and complications from laser treatments.

      Sun exposure after laser treatment: Exposing healing skin to the sun can increase the risk of sun damage, irritation, and complications.

By following these expert tips from Dr. Meena, you can enjoy the summer while keeping your skin healthy, protected, and glowing. Remember, consistency is key to maintaining beautiful skin, so make these tips a part of your daily routine.

Stay radiant and safe this summer!


Dr. Meena Malhotra is a renowned skin expert at Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Clinic in Glenview, IL, specializing in non-surgical facelifts and facial rejuvenation. With a deep understanding of skin health and a commitment to personalized care, Dr. Meena offers advanced, minimally invasive treatments designed to enhance natural beauty and restore youthful vitality. Dr. Meena utilizes cutting-edge techniques for non-surgical facelifts, providing a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical procedures. These treatments focus on lifting and tightening the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving overall facial contour without the need for incisions or extensive downtime