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Success Stories

When expertise and compassion come together, amazing things happen. We share with you the warm, wonderful video success stories from our happy patients sharing the amazing results that they have achieved.

Their video testimonials are the greatest compliments we can receive! We thank our patients for taking the time to praise our doctors and our staff. Testimonials like these validate what we do and keep us focused on “Excellence in Care”, and helping the patients achieve their goal of a new healthy lifestyle.

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Results of INSPIRE Our Core Wellness Program

58% drop in excess weight

In less than a month, Manuel lost an exceptional amount of fat while gaining muscle. His Triglyceride level dropped
significantly into a healthy range. He has also achieved reversal of diabetes.

Actual INSPIRE Core Wellness Program Results for Heal n Cure Patient.
44% drop in body fat in 3 weeks, 17.7 lbs of fat lost in 3 weeks.
Got off diabetes medicine by the 3rd appointment!

Patient’s Hypertiglyceridemia resolved in 3 weeks!
Triglycerides fell from 1202 to 154, more than 1000 points!

Hypertension, inflammation, diabetes reversed

Actual INSPIRE Core Wellness Data for Heal n Cure Patient,
from 206 lbs. to 168 lbs. 58% drop in excess weight.

Patient’s diabetes was reversed
Other problems - anxiety, dizziness,
chest pain also resolved.

Diabetes Reversed, years of suffering aches and pain gone, Dropped 38 lbs, anxiety, dizziness, chest pain also resolved,
longer considered a risk for diabetic.

Hypertension, inflammation, diabetes reversed

Actual INSPIRE Core Wellness Data for Heal n Cure Patient,
lost 29.5 lbs of fat in 3 months.

Patient’s diabetes was reversed without any medication.

The patient has experienced the loss of 29.5 lbs of fat in just 3 months. The hypertension was reversed, and (CRP)
inflammation reduced by 60%, HDL improved from 49 to 64 and triglycerides improved from 235 to 131!

Down 6 Dress Sizes, lost 35.8 lbs of fat

Patient, lost 35.8 lbs. A1c, Thyroid levels back to normal.

Lost 56.7% of body fat!

Dropped 38.5 lbs, from size 16 to size 10. Feels proud that Heal n Cure worked with the patient diligently on every visit to
ensure successful clinical outcome.

The INSPIRE Core Wellness™ program resulting from our own researched clinical protocols and treatment for wellness has delivered effective results for patients. Please take a moment to review the results of these case studies.

*results may vary