Meet our Team of Functional Medicine Practitioners

Our team of practitioners are Board Certified with specialized training in Functional, Integrative Medicine. As we work with each patient on a path toward healing their underlying disease, we utilize advancements in science through the latest tests and treatment options as they become available.


Medical Director
Dr. Meena Malhotra MD

Founder of Heal n Cure, Dr. Meena is Double Board Certified, ABOM, and ABIM (American Board of Obesity Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine) and is committed to healing disease at the root cause through an Integrative Functional Medicine approach. This principle mission is Dr. Meena’s guiding light toward a change in healthcare to a true path of wellness and vitality for each practice member.


Functional Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner
Irina Frenkel, FNP, BC

Irina Frenkel is experienced in educating patients and practitioners. Irina focuses on engaging patients in their care by tailoring the treatment plan to meet the individual needs of each patient through Integrative, Functional Medicine. She strongly believes that following a personalized wellness program can help overcome a genetic predisposition to medical problems.