Neurotransmitter Test

Improve Your Quality of Life

Customized or Personalized health plans are not “one size fits all”. They are designed with your specific health goals in mind. Neurotransmitters which are the hormones in the brain act as a map for healthcare providers. It helps your provider lay out the shortest, most effective route for improving your quality of life to reclaim your health—tailored just for you.

Neurotransmiter Test 1 Neurotransmiter Test

How Does It Work?

Neurotransmitters - Heal n Cure - Dr. Meena
Communication in the body is an electrochemical signal. When a message has to be communicated from one point to another the electrical signal flows through the nerves and where a nerve meets with another nerve or cell there is a small but potent chemical message exchange. That’s how the signal jumps from one place to another in the body. When your body’s communication systems aren’t working as well as they could, you can develop a variety of complaints that reduce your quality of life.
At Heal n Cure our providers analyze the neurotransmitter results and examine them against your history and clinical picture . These results provide a map for your personal journey to wellness.

Neuro-Hormone Lab Testing

Neurotransmitters tell us how well your nervous system is communicating with the rest of the body. It only requires a small urine sample to check your neurotransmitters. Blood samples are also collected to check various other hormonal axes.

Neurotransmiter Test 2 Neurotransmiter Test

Identify Roadblocks to Health

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These tests identify exactly where your neurotransmitters and hormones need help. Providers at Heal n Cure design your Vital Dose package which is personalized to you based upon this information.

A Plan Specific to Your Needs

Heal n Cure uses the map to develop a program that meets your personal needs and gets you feeling better as fast as possible. The program may incorporate Vital Dose®, non-pharmaceutical formulas from Heal n Cure, such as MyZen® and Peaceful Day® as well as lifestyle changes and other options your provider identifies.

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