Vitamin Supplements, a Healthy Debate

Vitamin Supplements? A Healthy Debate

Recently Time magazine posted a comment made by a Doctor to all his patients, to throw away all their supplements except for vitamin D. The Doctor went on to say “If people eat a healthy diet, they really shouldn’t need supplements”.
This has been an area of debate for quite some time. Here we discuss arguments in favor of taking high grade supplements when appropriate.Customization of vitamins and supplements for each patient is of great importance! So the saying “one size fits all” does not apply in this case. There are countless different brands of vitamins and supplements on the market, making it difficult to choose the right ones for our own body’s uniqueness. The key to making the right choices for your body is having your Physician review the supplements you are currently taking to make sure they are of the right quality, doses, and proper ratios and possibly making adjustments that may include removing or adding a specific vitamin or supplement.In this day and age it would not be reasonable to think everyone has the ability to consume the 5 recommended meals a day. 3 of these 5 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) would have to include the needed micronutrients, macronutrients, trace minerals and vitamins. This is quite a feat for most anyone to achieve at today’s hectic pace.One huge issue is that a large part of our population has not yet learned how to eat right so they can give their bodies what they need.Our current food sources are lacking in the nutrients of yester years. Access to non genetically modified sources of clean and organic foods are becoming more and more difficult and when we do find them they come at quite a price.Vitamin D and Calcium has quite a bit of evidence behind them, so we should be taking them if recommended by our Physician. Vitamin D is very difficult to get through food sources, as it is added to our foods and rarely at the needed levels.These are just a few reasons why you may consider taking high quality vitamins and supplements. And as always, talk to your physician before starting any vitamin or supplement plan.