Sabrina B.

I don’t think I can express how grateful I am to everyone at HealnCure. I came to Dr. Meena looking for help with my intense anxiety. She and the entire team assisted me with an entire holistic cleanse, including gut, focusing on my diet and provided me with natural vitamins which reduced my antidepressant medications!!! 🙂 My anxiety has dramatically decreased with help to the changes in my diet, my workout, my vitamin supplements, and the master reset; which is a miraculous treatment that assists in balancing your body’s involuntary responses to anxiety and does so much more. Long story short, I am so grateful to everyone at HealnCure for literally changing my life by setting me on an empowering lifelong journey to treat my body holistically to improve my over health and mental health as well. With their membership they also include treatments like neoscuplt which is essentially 4 sessions of intense muscle building and fat melting which was a great thing for me…overall I loved my experience here and have renewed my membership to work on more things. I highly recommend anyone looking for any improvement in their life to come here 🙂