Katherine A.

My main reason I went to Dr Meena Malhotra is because she encompasses things I believe in when it comes to treatment plan. I have not met (at least here in Illinois) that believes both nutritional supplementation and traditional medication (or at least prescribed both). I have problems with my BP in which most medications I’ve tried with my doctor were giving me more side effects. Because my options for my BP medication were limited into just one medication, the dosage was progressively getting higher as the disease progresses. I tried to find other solutions to just keep myself healthier by second guessing what supplements out there I could use by just reading or researching online. Of course nothing works until my friend introduced me to Dr Meena. I went to her with this problem and agreed with her 6 month treatment plan. I’ve been seeing her at least more than 4 months now and I’m already half the dose of my current BP meds while keeping my BP within normal range. Dr Meena is very thorough with her approach; she was able to “nail it” what’s the underlying cause of my HTN (all the while I thought it was just my bad genes). I also lost weight with the program. Initially I was not concerned with my weight because I am not obese although I’m just “slightly overweight”. Now, being on the program with Dr Meena gave me this so many plus’es – I feel great both physically, emotionally and mentally. I don’t need to drink coffee anymore just to be energized. I have other symptoms that I couldn’t mention here that went away. I lost 12 pounds ( I am now always within my BMI). I feel like 20 years younger. They said the treatment plan for 6 months is very expensive. Hey, I already lost a lot of money buying my second-guessing-supplementation-to-better-my-health thing. A lot of people would spend thousands just to feel at least 10 year younger. With Dr Meena’s approach combining her skills in functional medicine and traditional medicine, it’s like finding a gem! A lot of people are skeptical about her technique, but I’m one true believer. Now I know that the supplements I take is what I really need based on my lab results. It does pay off everything I put into this program (discipline, time, appointments, money). I have less than 2 months to go but I feel this great already. Also whilst this program requires frequent visits, I feel motivated and excited to go with each visit because all the staff are very warm and welcoming, they treat me as if I’m their close friend. I know all of them by their first names and my favorite staff is the nutritionist who is very down to earth, charming and a hard working person. Most of all, I love Dr Meena with all her smiles and ears to hear what I have to say or ask and at the same time balances her time with me by making sure I’m well informed/educated about her treatment plan for me. Thank you Dr Meena!