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Our patients consistently give us the highest ratings in American Medical Association’s Patient Satisfaction Surveys. We receive reviews from all over the web, whether they come from Facebook, Google + or Angies List. They appreciate our professional expertise, our staff’s compassion and experience, and the results they have acheived – Quality of Care everyone deserves. Whether you have a complaint or feedback on one of our programs or services we want to here from you. We would appreciate that you leave us a message on Facebook, Google +, Angies List or by contacting us with our contact form

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As a patient at Heal n Cure, I have seen first-hand the top quality, results-oriented work performed by Dr. Malhotra and her team.

No silver bullets, no one size fits-all approach or fads to follow. The professionals at Heal n Cure understand that each patient requires a unique and personalized treatment plan. As such, they review health risk assessments, past medical history and perform thorough diagnostic exams to determine how best to work with each individual. After reviewing this information with the patient, Dr. Malhotra and her team determine what each patient needs to attain and maintain a healthier lifestyle, and achieve overall wellness. Patient education and individual attention play a major role in achieving this goal.

Additionally, as one of a select number of Physicians certified by Board of Obesity Medicine in the state of Illinois since 2010, Dr. Malhotra seeks to avoid costly surgical options whenever appropriate.

Impressed by the care I received through my personal experiences with Heal n Cure and their -integrative approach to wellness, I began to cultivate an interest in how Heal n Cure might facilitate our employees’ wellness program at SIG, and. We soon began investigating how Heal n Cure might support the wellness initiatives for our employees.

Following their on-site wellness screenings, a number of employees have chosen to participate in Heal n Cure’s evaluation and treatment programs, and the results and feedback have been significantly positive. Employees have conveyed to me that they have improved their cholesterol, improved their glucose, lowered their blood pressure, lost significant fat and gained muscle mass.

I am thrilled to see the positive steps our employees are making to improve their wellness. Heal n Cure is helping SIG employees as they seek to achieve healthier lifestyles. This has helped SIG as a company in leveraging its investment in on-site wellness screenings, resulting in lower company healthcare costs in the long run. Additionally, Heal n Cure has partnered with SIG in offering free lunch and learn seminars to assist in educating employees in overall wellness and to dispel any myths or fads. Because most costs associated with medical diagnoses and treatments are covered by insurance, the company has incurred no additional costs associated with our wellness activities as we utilized Heal n Cure’s services.

We are excited about continuing our work with Heal n Cure in the future.

Brian Gifford, SVP-HR Signode Industrial Group
Dr. Malhotra and her staff are always pleasant, friendly and happy. I am very pleased with results and explanation of several tests the Doctor had done. I am more motivated now to be healthy and stay healthy than I have all my life. Thank you all again!!
I am 58 years old and this was the best experience I have had at a doctors office, from the staff to the nurse to the doctor. If I could rate Dr. Malhotra more than 10 — I would. EXCELLENT!

Dr Malhotra written Testimonial

June 2, 2014
Walter T. Gale
Skokie, Illinois

I am writing this letter to encourage others with weight and health issues to come and check out a place that can really make a change in their life.

First of all I came there with the idea that I had tried it all and that this was going to be more of the same. Wow was I wrong, the people, the ideas, and the approach to weight loss was totally different than anything and I mean anything I had ever tried.

Not to bore you but here is a short history of myself: 58 years old, diabetic, high blood pressure, arthritis, and a various other aches and pains that come with age. Oh I forgot to mention I was 200 lbs. over weight! All that and my kidney doctor told me my kidneys were only working at 20%.

Now that brings us back to Heal n Cure. First there are two words in their name: They start healing your body. They start by teaching you a new way of eating (not starving either) I have never been hungry a day since starting my new life. I’m 62 Lbs. lighter and still losing and don’t plan on stopping until I reach my goal. I hope you notice I said a new way of eating NOT a diet, because they teach how you should eat to stay healthy, happy, and the most important one alive.

Since I’ve started losing weight my diabetes is now under control with less medication, the same for blood pressure control, and remember the aches and pains from old age I was talking about? A few of them are still there but a whole bunch of them seem to have gone away with the weight I loss. Also my kidneys are almost working at normal again. So judge for yourself Heal n Cure, but it starts with you wanting to make a change.

So if nothing else listen, judge, and do yourself a favor, get a new healthy life.

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Walter T. Gale
Dear Dr. Malhotra, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care you have given me. I am so glad that I met you at the hospital and graciously monitored my healing progress. Thank you so much for your wonderful staff. They are very pleasant and really friendly. I was very pleased with the excellent follow up care you provided me and I can’t thank you enough for reforming my health. I feel very good knowing that I am in good hands


I came to Heal n Cure for laser hair removal on my face and could not be more happy with my experience. I have had laser treatments previously on other parts of my body at Premier Laser Spa, and after my first treatment at Heal n Cure, I can confidently say that this clinic is like no other. The treatments I received from Premier Laser Spa left some scars on my body, so I was very hesitant to try laser on my face. However, the exceptionally friendly staff and the technician, Debbie, immediately made me feel very comfortable. Debbie was very attentive to exactly what I wanted/how I envisioned my face to look and was able to explain exactly what she was doing as she was doing it. The biggest advantage of receiving treatment here was knowing that a trained medical professional, Dr. Malhotra, was only a room away in case anything went wrong. That is an asset that I have been unable to find at other sites offering laser hair removal in the area. Moreover, it has been a month since my first treatment and I can already notice a significant improvement in my hair growth, something that took several sessions to accomplish at the last place I received treatment. I would recommend coming to Heal n Cure to anyone seeking laser hair removal and I am excited to explore other treatments they offer here as well. Two thumbs up!
Swati M, A Google User
This facility and Dr. Malhotra literally changed my life. I have lost twenty percent of my bodyweight in fat and regained my health in five months with some dedication and work on my part and a ton of support and knowledge from the doctors and staff. It’s never “easy” to acheive that which is positive but with the support of Heal n Cure I was able to move in a positive direction toward my goals and to regain a level of well being I feared I had let slip away for good. I can’t thank them enough.
scott dunham, A Google User
I have been going to Heal n Cure for almost 4 years and I could not be any happier to recommend them. I originally visited Dr. Malhotra to discuss weight loss and after a very successful program, she has now become my primary Physician. She and the entire staff are friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgable.
Adam Stone, A Google User
I went there for a consultation, and was greeted by a lovely receptionist/assistant Tracy who showed me into the office. She performed a series of tests and was shortly followed by the doctor. It was altogether a very pleasant experience and I was put on a detox diet and saw immediate results. Have been back for routine visits and progress analysis and everyone has been very friendly!
Anonymous, A Google User


I would absolutely recommend their services. I saw Dr. Meena Malhotra there. I would use them in the future.
Denise Ingram, Angie's List Member
First there were a bunch of tests. Then there was another meeting to review results and discuss my needs. Then I was provided very specific instructions. I am continuing to go and the program I am on is relatively easy to follow. I am losing weight which was the goal.
katherine lintner, Angie's List Member
There is no magic here just a really holistic, sensible and healthy approach to weight loss. Heal n Cure blends medicine with nutrition and natural health to come up with a winning approach to weight loss. I chose to use Dr. Malhotra as my primary care physician too and she and her team found an undiagnosed health issue that was completely unrelated to my weight loss and could have potentially been serious. I attribute this to their holistic approach, the team has a high level of professionalism and they really treat the whole person. I would highly recommend Heal n Cure, I have never lost weight so fats or so effectively. More than that I feel I know what to do to maintain this weight loss and I feel I have found a medical provider I can trust. They have way exceeded my expectations!
Allison Maguire, Angie's List Member


“Heal N Cure has been an absolute life saver. In the short time I have been going I went from feeling horrible, sluggish, thyroid still not balanced (after over five years), constantly living in pain among several other issues. I now have a bunch of energy, started back working out (even back to participating in my obstacle races), feel stronger, healthier and much happier. The focus is to heal the patient, work on the cure and the weight just starts falling off as a result. I don’t think any medical staff will be as caring or spend as much time with their patients as the ones at Heal N Cure. I love the warm caring staff as well. I lost over 15 lbs in about three weeks, but more important, I am on the journey of a healthy new me!”
Kim Johnson, Facebook
“I have lost about 40ish plus lbs pounds! I have small accomplishment for me things I couldn’t do , I’m glad I tried them out!”
Tosh Wright, Facebook
“If you like being healthy and fit, not fat, I would strongly recommend Heal N Cure to you. They are nice and extremely helpful.”
Matt Schroll, Facebook
“Ziggy introduced me to his new doctor at Heal N Cure, Dr. Malhotra. She is a very nice and professional woman. Her plan for diet and health really works. I lost 20 lbs on her diet plan and unfortunately due to my weakness with food, I put the weight that I lost back on. I felt bad and didn’t see her again until one of the girls from the office and contacted me and asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was embarrassed to see the doctor because I put the weight back on. She made me feel better about coming in and even said that if I wanted for her to accompany me when I saw the doctor that she would. I love their office. Everyone is so friendly and nice. Now, Im back on the road to a healthier life style…again. All I need to do is keep getting up when I fall and Dr. Malhotra and her practice have made that a lot easier for me.”
Dede Lebron Luiz, Facebook
“I would recommend Heal n Cure for weight loss over any other program. Besides losing 35 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for 15 years, I lowered my cholesterol.”
Jami Steinberg, Facebook
“I’ve been going here the last few months and they’ve really helped me get on the right track with my weight loss. They actually took the time to get to know me and what my strengths/ weaknesses are – You’re not just another number to them – Great place to go & I love the staff!!”
Megan Obecny, Facebook
Before and after, me holding the pants I wore on the day I came to Heal n Cure…. Thank you everyone there! Looking forward to losing the last half I want!
Julie Salerno, Facebook


“I have recommended this doctor to several friends. She is professional, understanding and actually listens to what I am telling her…when a test she ran didn’t show anything, she ran another just to be sure that showed a heart condition. Had I gone to my regular doctor, I still wouldn’t know I had a potential life threatening condition. Dr. Malhotra is fantastic and I completely trust my health in her hands. Her staff is also awesome.”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“Dr. Malhotra always has a pleasant smile, always makes you feel as though you are her only patient and has total concern for you. She is by far the most gifted and talented professional in her field. No matter what your medical problem is, she will get to the bottom of the problem and solve it, I have 100% trust and faith in her judgment. To me, she is truly my guardian angel.”
Glenn Raiman, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“I have suffered from IBS for over 10 years. This is the first doctor to do a intolerance test for foods. I have been having a lot more good digestion days which to me is priceless. Dr Malhotra has been instrumental in improving my health.”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“Dr. Malhotra and the entire staff at Heal ‘n Cure are excellent. I’m so glad I went to them. With their help, I have turned my health around, lost a lot of weight and am looking forward to increased weight loss and increased vibrancy and health. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have changed my life!”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“I am so happy I found Heal and Cure. For the first time in my life, I feel I have found doctors and a practice who listen to me and what I need, and do not judge me based on my size. Although I initially came to the practice for their preventative wellness program, I have since left my former general practitioner so I could receive all of my health care through Heal and Cure.”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“I have been struggling with chronic health issues for the past 18 months and I had been treated by a hematologist at Kellogg Cancer Center, a gastroenterologist and a highly recommended internist that had no idea what to do. I am highly impressed with Dr. Malhotra and her staff and for the first time in almost 2 years I feel like my issues are being addressed. They are wonderful.”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey
“Dr. M, is the first dr to really go through the results of a blood test and express concerns for different parts of the body that could be effected in the long run of we do not resolve some issues. Even when I lose my weight and get my body fat to a normal range I will continue to stay under her care. She is compassionate and truly concerned for her patient. I hope all my friends switch to her because she has the right approach.”
Anonymous, AMA Press Ganey Survey


Thank you. You r the best. See u soon!
Anonymous, Groupon
I was a bit nervous initially to go to Heal n Cure for the hair removal treatments, because I was not familiar with them, but I met with the esthetician prior to making an appointment and she answered all of my questions in a very professional way. I have now had two treatments and both have been painless with no problems. I would highly recommend Heal n Cure for hair removal.
Anonymous, Groupon
Very pleasant environment and employees. Debbie is so nice and efficient.
Anonymous, Groupon
They have multiple certified doctors on board as well as an amazing nutritionist. They take you step by step through each process, they only downer is you can’t drink during most procedures and leading up to them (bummer, but worth it)!
Anonymous, Groupon
Heal N Cure is a great place! They have taken good care of me. Debbie is a fabulous person, and the rest of the staff is always great to me when I’m there. I would recommend this place to all my friends.
Anonymous, Groupon