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What is SoME?

SoME is the first personalized skincare product of its kind that combines its proprietary vehicle with autologous (your own) Blood-Derived Growth Factors for a safe, effective, and personal at-home skincare option.
SoME utilize a cosmetic base serum that is designed to be combined with the patient’s own Blood-Derived Growth Factors for a personalized facial rejuvenation treatment. SoME has been clinically proven to deliver multiple cosmetic effects for photodamaged skin, including enhanced softness, brightness, luminosity, and firmness.

Why is SoME so effective?

SoME has been scientifically studied in a controlled, blinded, 8-week split-face study, researchers examined the effects of the SoME vehicle plus autologous Blood-Derived Growth Factors vs. serum alone on facial photoaging in 20 female and male patients from 30 to 60 years of age. At 8 weeks, an increased radiance, luminosity, firmness, and softness was found in the area treated with vehicle plus Blood-Derived Growth Factors vs. vehicle alone. Biopsies also showed an improvement in rete peg architecture and enhanced collagen and elastin expression.
In nutshell the reason SoME is so effective is because this serum is enriched with your own growth factors, hence improving complexion and firmness.

How to get started with SoME?

  • You visit Heal n Cure for a blood draw
  • Heal n Cure team extracts Blood-Derived Growth Factors through a specialized process that takes about 15 minutes.
  • Extracted Blood-Derived Growth Factors are added to the SoME serum.
  • You walk away with one to three 1 oz bottles of personalized SoME Skincare
  • Finished product to be refrigerated.
  • Begin using your own SoME twice daily. Each bottle will last a month if used twice a day.
  • When removed from the refrigerator and applied to the skin, the “Temperature differential activates the platelets with the ensuing release of growth factors and other biomolecules” which brings all the awesome results.

Who is the right candidate for SoME?

The ideal patient is smart and savvy, really knows skincare, is very proactive about her skincare regimen, understands the science so she knows she’s using a unique product and understands the aging process. It’s an awesome product.

Who is using SoME ?

A vocal advocate for the use of Blood-Derived Growth Factors in skincare regimens, Ms. Molly Sims shares. ”I needed it since I love Blood-Derived Growth Factors. I truly feel like it’s the future of skincare. The first time I put the serum on my skin, I was hooked; it feels so luxurious and my skin feels and looks better than ever. I’ve seen incredible results with my discoloration after using this product for a few months. It’s a natural way to stimulate your collagen and elastin. The benefits are endless. It reduces fine lines, improves the appearance of acne, aging, skin discoloration, and more. It has also allowed me to simplify my skincare routine. I don’t need to apply 10 products to achieve the same results. This is truly the future of skincare”

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