Open House | Emsculpt Neo & Emsella
Free Wellness Seminar | July 2022 | Heal n Cure Medical Wellness Center
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Open House on Feminine Health

EmpowerRF is a new safe, and effective solution delivering life-changing technologies for women’s wellness. This innovative device is designed specifically to treat a broad range of conditions such as stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, blood circulation, and pain relief.

RSVP to our upcoming EmpowerRF Event on Thursday, October 27th, at 6PM! All attendees will enjoy exclusive EVENT ONLY pricing. and one of our lucky guests will win our Grand Prize of one Free Facial Rejuvenation with Purchase of Feminine Health Package ($1900 Value)!

Join us for this FREE educational seminar on the connections among stress, hormones, belly fat and your health, presented by national speaker and wellness expert Dr. Meena Malhotra, lead medical doctor at Heal n Cure clinic.

If you’re sick of just putting band-aids on big problems and are looking for a completely different approach to medicine – this is it!

2420 Ravine Way, Suite 400, Glenview, IL, 60030

October 27th @ 6PM

Seating is limited, so calling our office to reserve your seat(s) is required.
Call Now at 847-686-4444, or fill the form below and Heal n Cure team member will reach out to confirm your request.

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Learn how Heal n Cure team uses a integrative approach!

  • Learn how Dr. Malhotra and the Heal n Cure team uses a integrative approach to effectively and naturally address the real cause of stubborn weight gain, hormone imbalances and other indicators of dysfunction in the body.
  • Learn how to determine which hormones are out of balance and how to correct these imbalances. And how to assess and address the underlying root cause of health issue.
  • Learn why having the right labwork with specific health markers can help you take control and resolve your health struggles. And why calorie counting doesn’t work for permanent weight loss.
  • Learn about how Dr. Malhotra manages conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders and other chronic issues. And how food sensitivities – which you may not even realize you have – impact your health.

At Heal n Cure, we implement the latest research and science into our treatment plans.