Alopecia means thinning / loss of hair. Relevant hormonal and genetic influences play a role. Since the latter cannot be changed, treatment is mainly focused on hormonal blockage and stimulating the hair follicles back into the phase of growth. Other than vanity it can cause severe psychosocial stress.
Optimally balanced hormones are one of the prerequisites for healthy hair along with steady nutrition status. Adequate protein, vitamin D, B, and iron are needed for the robust health of hair follicles.
Many times hair follicles go into the dormant phase (Telogen) due to hormonal fluctuations or weight change and spend a longer time in the shedding phase (Exogen) than growing phase (Anagen).
Stimulation of hair follicles using Blood Derived Growth Factors can bring them back into the growing anagen phase. This is essentially harnessing the body’s restorative capacity and using those growth factors rich in the scalp to stimulate hair follicles.
Treating the scalp with Blood Derived Growth Factors is a minimally invasive procedure that begins with a simple blood draw. Blood is processed using special technology, while a potent numbing cream is working on your scalp. Growth factors are harvested from your blood and injected back into your scalp where they stimulate the dormant hair follicles.

How does Blood Derived Growth Factors work?

Blood-Derived Growth Factors is an autologous preparation of platelets in concentrated plasma, usually containing a higher concentration of platelets than the normal range (150,000–350,000 platelets/μL). When platelet alpha-granules become activated, they release numerous growth factors (GFs) which stimulate cell proliferation, differentiation, and angiogenesis. High concentrations of GFs achieve the following effects: new hair growth, thickening of preexisting hair shafts, the proliferation of dermal papillae cells, and faster transition from telogen to anagen phase.GFs may also stimulate cellular differentiation and proliferation of perifollicular collagen, fibroblasts, and blood vessels, generating a thicker epithelium that increases the hair cross-section. GFs stimulate the growth of existing miniaturized hair follicles.

What are the results?

You will notice the emergence of new vellus / fine hairs, as well as the improvement of hair quality, color, and width. In most people, it can take three to six months.

How to get the best results from treatment with Blood Derived Growth Factors?

Your hormones and nutrients are optimized beforehand so that when your blood is processed it yields Blood Derived Growth Factors. Your scalp is primed with topical prostaglandins, minoxidil, or finasteride as deemed necessary.

How many treatments are recommended for hair restoration?

Three treatments four to six weeks apart are used for induction and then one treatment is repeated every three to six months to help maintain the results.

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