Executive Wellness

Heal n Cure now offers a unique, world class program for Executive Wellness, based on the principles of ‘Core Wellness’. As an independent Medical Wellness Center of recognized distinction, Heal n Cure offers the following advantages over traditional Executive Wellness Programs.

Our focus is ‘Core Wellness’ – the future of medical care.

  1. Includes Nutrigenomics – using nutrition to alter gene expression for preventing, mitigating, or treating chronic disease, including autoimmune disease.
  2. Cellular level healing – These tiny, intricate systems are need to be healthy and nourished to efficiently fight disease and help maximize your potential.
  3. Integrative, personalized care.

Advantages of a non-hospital based Executive Wellness Program

  1. You are an individual and not a number – You are NOT a number. Unlike hospitals, we do not take the cue from pundits and commercials proclaiming ‘Health in numbers’ to reduce healthcare to an algorithm for ‘population health management’.  Ask yourself if others in the your demographic profile – your relatives all suffer from the same medical problems? The answer is almost always no, because ‘population health management’ ignores the individual’s lifestyle preferences, personality and ability to deal with stress.  You are a unique individual right at the core cellular level.   
  2. Zero conflict of interest – We are not owned by any hospital, and unlike hospital owned programs, we are not conflicted with generating referrals for specialists and surgeons.
  3. Optimal care for optimal results – Each healthcare system claims to be the best in everything.  Intuitively, you know that each one of them cannot claim to have the best cardiologist, the best neurologist, the best brain surgeon, the best cardiologist, yet this is the claim you hear in their marketing materials, because this ruse works on so many people.
Heal n Cure Executive Wellness


Get access to the best among the best

Based on our experience working with specialists and surgeons across hospital systems, we know those medical professionals that deliver optimal care. Optimal care is less aggressive and invasive, protecting you from unnecessary surgeries and adverse side effects. You will get access to Doctors’ doctors.

Don’t overlook your personal health until there is a medical crisis. Wall Street Journal’s article “Want to be CEO? What’s your BMI?“ says that a few extra pounds or a slightly larger waistline affects an executive’s perceived leadership ability as well as stamina on the job.

Focus on preventive care and wellness:

  • Discover potential health problems
  • Target, reduce and eliminate medical risk factors
  • Promote wellness, including nutrition and fitness management
  • Encouragement, education and tools to keep you in the game today and in the future.

One fixed fee to cover ALL of the following services for the 1 year

We have combined world-class medical and wellness services to bring you the most comprehensive medical care at our world class outpatient Wellness Center.

  • 24/7 access to a answering service
  • Unlimited scheduled personal appointments with our providers.
  • One Annual Physical included
  • NO medical services claims submitted to health insurance. So your health information always stays in your control.  
  • Unlimited scheduled telephone and e-mail consultations with with our providers.
  • One Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test
  • Unlimited body composition analysis and tracking.

Feel confident in your health status, know the action steps you need to take, and possess your own personal roadmap to better health and wellness. Based on our world-leading body of data and expertise, we know that good health affects an individual professionally as much as it does personally.

Choose evidence based preventative medical wellness over hype and misinformation

You may already know that significant chronic problems like Type 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, joint pain, autoimmune disease, kidney disease (CKD) is preventable and treatable effectively without surgery and its associated morbidity and adverse side effects. How many people among your personal and professional circle have one of these medical conditions? How many of those have sought invasive and surgical interventions?

But did you also know that research indicates that many invasive procedures like Cardiovascular stents, bariatric surgeries, joint replacements etc are completely preventable. Ask us for the details about our experience and results during your initial consultation.


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