Heal n Cure is highly regarded by our patients for their results and ‘Excellence in Care’ per American Medical Association’s Patient Surveys.

Why this matters to you as a patient?

Proven results. Current research guiding your care. Safe and Effective Weight Loss, FDA cleared devices, assurance that quality of care and service has earned enthusiastic testimonials by patients. Cost effective, quality care that stands out among the best. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois reports significant cost savings for our patients, indicative of our high quality of care.


Heal n Cure Recognition Quick Links


Cigna – Recognition for Cost Efficient Quality Care

Cigna Care designation is how we identify quality, cost-efficient Cigna-participating physicians across 21 specialties, including primary care. Based on quality and claims information available to us, we have ranked physicians in your market. Those physicians who are in the highest group for their results on quality measures and who also have the most cost-efficient group results as compared to their peers in their market receive a Cigna Care designation. While all Cigna-participating physicians do not receive a Cigna Care designation, they do remain contracted with us, and their reimbursement is not affected.


Mentoring and training physicians at the Nation’s Top Ten Health System

We have been honored by being selected to mentor Physicians – “Mentor for physicians joining Advocate Physician Partners because of your outstanding performance in the Clinical Integration program, your cost-effective practice and your leadership characteristics.”


UnitedHealth Premium® physician designation Result for Heal n Cure

We received the welcome notification from Jerry R Frank, MD, National Medical Director for Physician Engagement for UnitedHealthcare, that Dr. Meena Malhotra has received the highest Premium designation for meeting or exceeding Quality and cost efficiency criteria.



Blue Distinction Total Care ranking – Recognition for Quality Care and saving healthcare dollars

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois have awarded Heal n Cure, the coveted Blue Distinction for Total Care.  This is in recognition of consistently delivering Quality Care while saving healthcare dollars.  Heal n Cure is recognized for a strong focus on “health” care instead of “sick” care, as well as spending more time with the patient, per visit.