We are passionate about helping you achieve your ultimate wellness through healing of underlying health issues. At Heal n Cure, we have assisted thousands of practice members to reach their health goals through our unique integrative functional medicine approach.

We welcome you to our collaborative care where we will teach you how to develop the tools that will maximize your wellness goals and enable you to take ownership and control of your own health. Welcome to our refreshing approach to patient care through functional medicine.


What is functional medicine?

At Heal n Cure, we utilize an integrative multicomponent method which assures that each patient is comprehensively evaluated. Our program targets the underlying causes of a person’s health issues and addresses all foundation pillars of a health through our curriculum style pathway. This refreshing use of Functional Medicine breaks away from disease-centered care that fails to address these underlying concerns or to allow full healing.

Our practitioners work in partnership with our practice members to create and carry out personalized care. This hand in hand approach leads to a reverse in the risk of acute and chronic medical conditions, helping thousands of our practice members to feel, live, and look their best. Only with our patient centered approach can we find the answers to these root problems and help our patients on their journey to true wellness.

Building Blocks of Functional Medicine

Patients First

Our practitioners work collaboratively and closely with our practice members to learn their health story through a comprehensive interview process and proper test evaluation. Being “disease free” is not our goal for our members, but instead, to live with vitality, to feel wellness, and look their best by treating the underlying health issues and tailoring a care plan with the individual patient.

Science Led

Thoughtfully developed testing and review combined with a thorough understanding of the health history and current environmental influencers are tools we combine to work through the foundation pillars of health and reach a goal of healing and vitality. The unique biochemical makeup of each individual is the key to our functional medicine strategy that continues to help thousands of practice members each year.


By addressing the building blocks of health through our foundation approach, we address not just one symptom, but instead look at nutrition, detoxification, physical, emotional and environmental stressors, fitness, and hormonal restoration to truly build a care program that fosters healing and wellness. This Integrative method is the reason we are able to address and heal the root issues and maximize wellness and vitality through collaborative care with each team member.


Why do we need functional medicine?

  • Weight Loss:

    Weight gain can be both the cause of other disease states and it can also be a symptom of underlying health issues. This is why the Functional Medicine approach is the key to helping individuals reverse weight gain while developing the tools to create and maintain a healthy balance.

  • Diabetes: 

    One in two people with diabetes is undiagnosed. However, early intervention has proven to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes while enhancing lifespan. Delaying the onset of diabetes substantially reduces the incidence of vascular complications, improve quality of life.

  • Heart Health: 

    Heart disease remains a number one killer in The United States. It is also a major cause of disability. Heart diseases comes in many forms. Nine out of ten heart disease patients have at least one risk factor. Our integrative approach to core wellness targets improvement of all of heart related health risk factors.

  • Hormonal Balance: 

    By age 50, we are at approximately 50% of hormone function for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA melatonin and growth hormone. By utilizing testing and treatment to help you regain that balance, unwanted symptoms of hormone depletion and aging can disappear!

At Heal n Cure, we implement the latest research and science into our treatment plans.

5 PILLARS of health

5 Pillars of wellness


At Heal n Cure, we have helped thousands of practice members to reach their wellness goals and to truly address root causes of symptoms through Integrative care. Hearing the positive and life changing success stories of our patients brings us the greatest joy as we know we have assisted them in a life changing way that will help them for many years to come. Listen to some of our practice member stories: