How Heal n Cure Can Help an Overweight Orthopedic Surgery Patient

Why choose Heal n Cure for your patient’s weight loss?

Heal n Cure is a medical practice focused on medical weight loss and long-term weight management. Our expertise is medically supervised weight loss and management of obesity-related medical problems. We are members of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP), ABIM and AMA, with Board Certifications from American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM), and from American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

Personalized medical care plans

A personalized plan for each patient is developed after conducting a thorough physical examination and a study of the patient’s medical history, biochemistry analysis, and bio-impedance-analysis. Medical problems like diabetes, thyroid issues, arthritis, insomnia, digestion issues and food allergies or intolerances, and side effects of many medications are managed by our medical team, led by a specially trained physician.

Why some obese patients need knee surgery?

Not everyone will have resolution of his or her knee pain after weight loss since joint cartilage lost after years of obesity will never regenerate. This damage may result in the need for surgery to repair or replace the damaged joint for some patients.

knee example

Helping surgeons address the need for orthopedic surgery in overweight patients

Recovery from joint replacement is more difficult in obese patients and many orthopedic surgeons do not perform joint replacement surgery in obese patients because of the significantly higher risk of complications. A patient who is unable to undergo joint replacement due to excess weight is a prime example of a person who needs a personalized weight loss program.

Our care is covered as Primary Care by PPO insurance plans, no pre-approvals or referrals are required. Patients can call us or visit
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AMA recognizes obesity as a medical problem

On June 18, 2013, the AMA recognized Obesity as a disease requiring a range of medical interventions. We excel at managing obesity as a medical condition. Focusing on the cause of the problem while following evidence-based and scientifically sound clinical practices leads to better weight loss and is why our patients enjoy such a high rate of success.

“We offer proven, personalized, medically supervised weight loss programs covered by PPO insurance plans.”

Our care

All major PPO insurance plans provide coverage for our medical weight loss program, especially if there are other weight-related medical conditions. We have received Top Tier Provider designation for exceeding Quality and cost efficiency criteria from United HealthCare. Also, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois awarded us the coveted Blue Tier ranking in recognition of consistently delivering cost efficient Quality Care.

How we can help an orthopedic surgeon’s patients?

By reducing the surgical and medical complications. Also, by improving the efficacy, outcomes, and patient satisfaction from surgical intervention.

* Mayo followed Obese Orthopedic Surgery patients an average of three years to determine outcomes. Results showed:

  • More than half (56.5 percent) experienced either surgical or medical complications, including prolonged wound drainage.
  • Five of the 43 patients required a total of 15 re-operations to correct problems such as recurring dislocation of the implant, chronic infection and new bone fractures around the device.

* Mayo Clinic (2009, March 5). As Obesity Epidemic Spreads, More Patients Feel It In Their Bones And Joints. ScienceDaily. Retrieved

Medical weight management & synergy with orthopedic surgery

The above Mayo Clinic study* found a significant improvement in physical rehabilitation after joint replacement in patients who had previous weight loss. In fact, not only did the recovery from joint replacement improve, the re-operation rate due to complications after surgery was dramatically lower.