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What Client’s Say

I so appreciate Dr. Malhotra’s patience and knowledge. She has helped address the root causes of my life-long battle with my weight. Her non-judgemental attitude makes it easier to get back on track when I’ve lost motivation. I’m very grateful.
Jill B
…Since I’ve started losing weight my diabetes is now under control with less medication, the same for blood pressure control, and remember the aches and pains from old age I was talking about? A few of them are still there but a whole bunch of them seem to have gone away with the weight I loss…
I feel like flying when I leave an appointment because of all the positive feedback and personal care. I have tried everything else out there to slim down and Dr Malhotra is the first to get me over the finish line !!! I love her and Heal n Cure. Thanks for being really dedicated to each patient. I’m so happy to be on this side of a healthy life style. I never really believed I would get here!