Ezekiel Bread Step by Step

ezekeil bread

A wonderful step by step instruction of making nutritious sprouted grain Ezekiel Bread from scratch. Eating healthy and nutritious foods, like this Ezekiel Bread, is a cornerstone of wellness. However, achieving optimal health goes beyond just diet. Let’s dive into this wholesome Ezekiel Bread recipe!

Ezekiel Bread Step by Step

Ezekiel Bread : Ingredients

  • 2 1/2 cups sprouted wheat berries
  • 1 1/2 cups sprouted spelt grains
  • 1/2 cups sprouted barley grains
  • 1/2 cup millet
  • 1/4 cup dry green lentils
  • 2 tablespoons dry great Northern beans
  • 2 tablespoons dry kidney beans
  • 2 tablespoons dried pinto beans
  • 4 cups warm water
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons active dry yeast
  • 2 tablespoons salt

Ezekiel Bread : Recipe

  1. Sprouting the grain: It is a fairly simply process to sprout grains, such as wheat, barley or spelt, for your bread. Place your grains in a bowl and fill the bowl with cool water until the grains are completely covered with water.
  2. Then cover the bowl with a paper towel and place in a warm spot overnight.
  3. The next morning, drain the grains in a colander. Line a cookie sheet with paper towels and then spread the grains evenly over the towels. Once the grains have “tails” that are about one-fourth of an inch long, they are ready to be dried. Dry your grains in a dehydrator overnight.
  4. Making the bread : Mix together the sprouted wheat berries, spelt grains and barley grains, along with the millet, beans and lentils. Grind them in your grain mill and then place your Ezekiel flour in a bowl.
  5. In another large bowl, add the water, honey, olive oil and yeast. Stir and then allow it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes.
  6. Then add the flour mixture along with the salt to the yeast mixture. Stir for about ten minutes until it is well mixed. Your dough will resemble a batter bread.
  7. Pour the bread dough into two greased, 9 x 5 loaf pans and let it rise in a warm place for about an hour. Then bake in a 350 degree F oven for about 50 minutes until the loaves are golden brown.
  8. Ezekiel sprouted grain bread recipes like this one make two loaves.

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