EMSCULPT® is an innovative non-surgical device that uses HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to eliminate unwanted fat and build muscle. EMSCULPT® uses electromagnetic energy to get the abdomen to super maximally contract, a type of contraction which is not possible voluntarily.  One treatment has the same effect as having done 20,000 crunches! It is the first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass at the same time.  It’s a no-downtime, pain-free, non-surgical way to define the abs and lift the buttocks. While EMSCULPT® is FDA-cleared to treat the abdomen and buttocks, it may also be used to increase muscle tone and fat metabolism in the triceps and thighs as well.

How EMSCULPT® Works?

EMSCULPT® is an innovative treatment that helps to build muscle and burn fat in targeted areas of the body. This system uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to sculpt your body. HIFEM technology creates powerful muscle contractions in the treatment area. These muscle contractions are stronger than what is possible to do voluntarily, making this treatment extremely effective in toning your arms. The EMSCULPT® systems are able to activate 100% of the muscles in the arms versus voluntary exercise, which only activates about 5% of muscles. This means that one thirty-minute session is the equivalent of doing 20,000 bicep curls.
Emsculpt treatment is very comfortable and completely non-invasive. During the session, the applicator will be placed on the arms and then it will start the muscular contractions. Most patients describe the feeling as an intense vibration. There is no downtime associated with Emsculpt, but you may feel sore in your arms, much like what you would feel after an intense workout. It is recommended that patients undergo four treatment sessions over a two-week span, spaced 2-3 days apart in order to reach their desired goals. Patients can also do discounted maintenance treatments to keep up their results.

EMSCULPT® Benefits

The main benefit of EMSCULPT® for your arms is that it burns fat in your while also building up muscle. Traditional methods of arm contouring involve a complex surgery that causes a visible scar. With EMSCULPT®, there are no incisions needed and no downtime, so you are free to go about your day. You will notice results within a few weeks of the treatment. Your arms will begin to get that toned, sculpted look as if you have hit the gym every single day.

EMSCULPT® studies have shown that it leads to:

  • 4% decrease in subcutaneous fat
  • Average of 16% increase in muscle mass
  • A 96% patient satisfaction rate


Anyone who wants to strengthen their abdominal, buttock or thigh muscles can benefit from the EMSCULPT® procedure. The best candidates, who are most likely to achieve visible, satisfying results, are of normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

The EMSCULPT® procedure feels like an intensive workout, as your muscles are undergoing a vigorous series of contractions every few minutes for a total of 30 minutes. There is also a prickling sensation during the treatment.

EMSCULPT® is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation or downtime.

The muscles treated will feel stronger with each treatment, with increased muscle mass resulting about 2-4 weeks after the 4 treatment series. Improvement of the overlying fat is appreciable by about 3 months after the series is completed. We recommend a good exercise regimen to maintain results. Many individuals find EMSCULPT® treatments at 6-month intervals are useful to maintain results.

Improved muscle tone lasts at least 6 months but longer if you exercise regularly. The fat loss in the abdomen area is thought to be long term due to fat cell destruction.

You cannot have EMSCULPT® if the following conditions are present:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted neurostimulator, drug pump, or electronic implanted device
  • Metal rods, pins, plates, metal IUD or orthopedic implants/joints
  • Pulmonary insufficiency, cardiac disorders, epilepsy, or active malignancy
  • Bleeding disorders, or taking blood thinners
  • History of hernia repair with mesh, or any recent surgical procedure in the area
  • Any injury, damage, or tear to muscle or soft tissue in the area to be treated including:
    • active hernia
    • You may not use the device near your chest, head, or neck
    • You are under 18 years old
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