Easy Stir-Fry

Our healthy stir-fry recipes are full of fiber-rich vegetables and lean proteins that combine to make a delicious dinner with minimal cleanup. Toss your favorite vegetables in your skillet or wok and get cooking with these easy stir-fry recipes.

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Easy Stir-Fry

  • 4 oz of tofu*
  • 1 package frozen Asian vegetables
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 cup cooked brown rice
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • Sauce ideas: low sodium soy sauce (sriracha, sesame oil + soy sauce + minced ginger)
  1. Cook brown rice according to package directions.
  2. Cook vegetables in 1 tablespoon oil until tender, approximately 10-15 minutes. Add rice, mix together.
  3. Form hole, and add tofu to warm. Stir with rice and vegetables, and form another hole. Crack and scramble egg whites, and mix into vegetable mixture until eggs are fully cooked.
  4. Add your favorite sauce to flavor; serve.

*If using tofu be sure to place block between two plates and set something heavy on top, let sit for 15 mintues. This will help remove excess water within the tofu block. Drain water, dice tofu into 1 inch cubes. Cook in fry pan with a little oil until browned, approximately 5 minutes.