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Patient Recruitment

We reached out to Medical Directors of corporations and presented the program to Occupational Health Center staff. Their Wellness coordinators organized Lunch n Learns and Health fairs, and helped us educate the patients about understanding their biometric screening data. Patients leveraged their biometric screening data to self refer to the program.


Outpatient community center.

Study Design

Retrospective Chart Review;
Number of Patients N = 224

Patient Profile

Obese patients ( BMI = 30 )


Clinical Intervention

USPSTF based, outpatient primary care, medically supervised by OMA, ABOM trained physician. Integrated team environment. Including: Exercise Physiologist, PA, MA.


  • Comprehensive History and Physical was done.
  • Appropriate laboratory and imaging studies were ordered.
  • Personalized medical plan was designed for each patient.
  • Plan included Energy Restricted Low Glycemic Load Diet based upon their dietary preferences.
  • Exercise prescription was given based upon Cardiovascular fitness.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals were prescribed as indicated.

Data Gathering

Electronic medical records from the 224 patients enrolled in the program with a BMI ≥ 30 were reviewed. Data was retrieved on baseline laboratory tests, BMI, body composition analysis results from Bio-Impedance technology and the duration of participation.

Main Outcome Measures


Tracking the effects of the treatment by measuring weight (lbs), BMI kg/m2, fat mass (lbs) and lean mass (lbs) for a patient.


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