10% of Employees Lead to 70% of the Health Care Expenses


Challenge Realizing ROH/ROI

‘Corporate Wellness Programs’ are unable to deliver the ROI, because they are not designed to address the medical needs of employees who are high health care utilizers. Studies have shown that these 10% high health care utilizers lead to 70% of the health care expenses, resulting from urgent care visits, ER visits, subspecialist visits, imaging diagnostics, and invasive interventions.


High Health Care Utilizers

Obesity and associated co-morbidities – Type 2 Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Sleep Apnea are highly prevalent in this population. Also, they are at risk for high cost conditions like Stroke, Heart Attack and many different kinds of Cancers (endometrial, breast, colon), leading to high health care utilization.




Bariatrician Led Team to Maximize ROH/ROI

A Bariatrician led team can help save healthcare costs by enhancing existing corporate wellness programs to identify and serve high health care utilizers. The team provides comprehensive, evidence-based, personalized care for high health care utilizers.


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