Corporate Wellness Enhancement

98% of Patients Lost 14 lbs, on Average

In Only 6 Months!

The Opportunity

10 percent of people make 70 percent of health care expense

Studies have shown that these 10% (high needs employees) lead to 70% of the health care expenses. Your wellness vendor has already done great work identifying these 10% through biometric screening. These 10% need help. We can help.  Click Here to see how we have leveraged the biometric data to help employers achieve ROH/ROI and improved quality of life for employees. 

Impact on Health

Chronic diseases related to obesity

Obesity and associated high cost co-morbidities are highly prevalent in this population.

$0 Cost Setup.

Your PPO employees are already covered for our care. No referral needed.

Clinical Outcome

85lbs weight lost in 9 months

HR Experts & Peers Agree

Top medical cost drivers obesity

Our high quality medical care is recognized by insurance companies for cost efficiency.

Recognition by Major Insurance Companies


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