Combat wrinkles and sagging skin with Radio Frequency Treatments:

Per Wall Street Journal : Fighting Wrinkles With Heat Some excerpts from the page

For people looking to combat wrinkles and sagging skin resulting from sun damage, smoking and the ravages of time, some doctors are offering an increasingly popular treatment: Just apply heat. The treatments involve machines that heat the tissue using radio-frequency or ultrasound energy. The heat they generate stimulates the growth of collagen, a fibrous protein important in maintaining the face’s youthful look, physicians say. .
Results range from great to modest, says Washington, D.C., dermatologist Tina Alster. “Some people look five to 10 years younger. Other people you say ‘Oh yeah, they look better’ but it’s not like they turned back the clock.” Unlike with face-lifts, or older-style laser resurfacing, which destroys the top layer of skin, a person treated with a radio-frequency or ultrasound machine doesn’t have to stay in hiding until the face heals. Side effects may include a mild burn, bruising or a blister. The treatments are popular with women looking for an overall more youthful look and men who want to rehab sagging jaw lines, physicians say…

Costs vary, from $300 to $1,200 a session for a full-face treatment that must be repeated several times, to up to $5,000 for a powerful one-time procedure with long-lasting results.

Heal n Cure now offers Radio Frequency Treatments:
Lift and tighten without invasive surgery.

Radio Frequency Treatment combines the proven technology of RF for heating the subcutaneous region of the body with a therapeutic cooling head to produce maximum results with no discomfort. Youthful skin vitality is restored.

• reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• lift flaccid face and neck
• tighten crepey skin and tummy
• reduce cellulite and “orange peel”
• tighten buttocks and thighs

The action objective is the dermis, interface between the epidermis and subcutaneous cellular tissues, which function is to hold the skin and give it a form. It is made up of cells called fibroblasts, and their product, that are collagen and elastic fibers.

When it exits the cell it turns into tropocollagen which gets aligned and makes up the fibers. The functions of collagen grant resistance and stretchability to the skin. They also facilitate metabolic and nutritional interchange with the epidermis. Aging causes progressive loss of these functions due to an unbalance between mechanisms of collagen synthesis and degradation.

Heat shock protein 47 (HSP 47) is a specific procollagen companion of intracellular location. It is responsible for the correct tridimensional organization of procollagen and quality control previous to the collagen secretion. Only in the presence of HSP 47, the type I collagen molecule, can be organized in the endoplasmic reticulum within a correctly folded triple helix. Summing up, the thermal effect of Radio frequency in Aesthetics would be explained by, firstly, the stimulus in collagen production secondary to the reaction produced by the heat shock proteins within the fibroblast; secondly, the effect related to the collagen contraction that is produced at high temperatures.

Flabbiness is an alteration of the skin tissues characterized by loss of the dermis’ tone, elasticity and adherence strength. It generally results from aging since collagen production is proportionally reduced. It can also be observed after pregnancy or abrupt weight changes. The Radio frequency current appears as an effective method for flabbiness treatments. It has diverse effects of which the most important is the thermic effect that produces a skin temperature controlled increase. In this way, it produces a stimulus in dermis and the subsequent increase in collagen fibers production. There exists an immediate and a delayed effect (next 3 months).

It is a dynamic, complex, multifactorial process that combines intrinsic factors (genetic, nutritional, hormonal) and extrinsic factors (ultraviolet rays, tobacco, heat, cool). The resultant is cutaneous alterations such as dehydration, wrinkles and flabbiness. There is a classification proposed by Glogav in 1990 which states aging degrees further to the occurrence of keratosis, wrinkles and dyschroa.

The therapeutic action of Radio Frequency of 6 MHz aims to the general revitalization of the tissues through the thermal and electric effects of Radio frequency on the skin s structure ́ and specially on dermic collagen. The application of Radio frequency of 6 MHz allows an increment in the temperature of tissues without affecting the epidermis. The application of cold as therapeutic method presents itself as an excellent alternative of treatment. The diversity of aesthetic treatments that can be performed, such as facial and body lifting, enhancement of the skin ś aspect, attenuation of wrinkles and cutaneous grooves, improvement in the appearance of cellulite, etc., turn this equipment into an excellent choice for Aesthetic Centers and Spas.

• Revitalization of the cellular function, due to the improvement of its electric potential.
• Local metabolic Increment.
• Local deep hyperemia.
• Cutaneous firming.
• Increment in fibroblastic activity.
• Stimulation of dermal collagen.

• Photo aging. Cutaneous aging. Wrinkles
• Facial aging
• Cutaneous flabbiness (abdomen, thighs internal area, arms posterointernal area, buttocks, thighs, etc.)
• Postpartum treatments
• Cellulite (orange peel appearance)
• Pre & post surgery treatments

• Pregnancy
• Tumors
• Patients bearing pacemakers, hearing aids or other electromagnetic devices
• Active acne
• Rosacea
• Superficially subjacent metallic implants
• Patients with IUDs DO NOT apply over the genitourinary area
• DO NOT apply over the eyeballs
• DO NOT apply over the thyroid and/or carotid areas
• DO NOT apply over the mammary areola Queratosis actínica
• Genitals

Radio frequency produces an early action due to contraction of collagen fibers and a delayed effect (within three months after treatment) which gives place to a production of new collagen fibers. Such production is secondary to the stimulus of heat shock proteins that are found within the fibroblast. Clinical changes are observed from the fifth session and become more evident by the end of treatment (10 sessions). Therefore, Radio Frequency Treatments resulted beneficial for the treatment of tegumentary flabbiness as well as for the important increment of hydration and elasticity which causes improvement of the skin texture and appearance.

ref: Fighting Wrinkles With Heat