1 to 1 ketogenic diet1:1 Protein Carboydrate Ratio

With the 1 : 1 Ketogenic protocol, working with the doctors at Heal n Cure is essential as they will measure your response to the carbohydrate additions and help you find the perfect balance to reach your wellness goals. Talk with your HnC practitioners and learn how to incorporate the right blend of wholesome carbohydrates and natural, lean proteins to achieve maximum benefits for your unique biochemical makeup.

Examples of preferred protein sources:  Examples of healthy carbohydrate options:
  • Omega 3 rich fish, lean white fish
  • Pasture raised organic lean beef, hormone free organic chicken, turkey
  • Nuts, Tofu
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh organic vegetables and some fruits
  • Sweet potatoes, root vegetables
  • Your team at Heal n Cure will help you delve into the specifics and guide you to the right foods, making your mission easier and your path a road to success.  Schedule your physician appointment and get started today!