BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) can help you reach wellness goals and let you live your life to the fullest. As we age, our hormone production declines. By utilizing testing and treatment to help you regain that balance, unwanted symptoms of hormone depletion and aging can disappear!  Dr. Malhotra, Lifetime AAMG Member, practices the latest and most effective hormone balancing options to help you achieve your health potential. 

BHRT Anti aging medicine

Anti – Aging Medicine:

First, lets make sure we understand Anti-Aging. While we know we will be living longer, anti-aging allows us to enjoy a productive, happy and disease-free life. It is the science of restoration of optimal cellular function through hormones, nutrition, detoxification and balancing of the mind and body. Whether you call it “anti-aging” or “regenerative” or “restorative” or “functional”; this is no myth.

Hormone Restoration

Hormone Restoration:

By age 50, we are at approximately 50% of hormone function for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA (which enhances strength, sexual energy and immunity), melatonin (known for its effects on sleep, however it is actually one of the most powerful anti-cancer hormones due to its role in activating natural killer cells) and growth hormone. Of course, a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in optimizing cellular function. Of course genes play a role; however at some point our organs will not produce hormones even with the healthiest lifestyle and the best genes.

BHRT Risky for Women?

Risky for Women?:

When women consider hormone replacement the looming question is about the risks, especially of breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks. On review, women are the most protected during their 30’s when they have the highest hormone levels. It is only after menopause that women have increased risk of stroke, heart attack and breast cancer. Data suggests that it is hormone imbalances that contribute to breast cancer. We know that, most breast cancers occur after menopause; precisely at the time when the ovaries stop producing the normal balance of hormones.

BHRT Risky for Men?

Risky for Men?:

Testosterone is important for both males and females. Testosterone declines in men and women from the late 30’s onwards producing loss of desire for sex, joint and bone pain, muscle weakness, loss of confidence, moodiness, depression, anxiety, muscle loss and fat gain. Testosterone restoration not only addresses these symptoms; but studies support a protective role for testosterone against heart disease, cognitive decline and bone loss.

BHRT Hormone Assessment

Hormone Assessment:

There is relief in your future. Find out how you can balance your hormones and reclaim your health. First review the list of some common symptoms of hormone imbalance. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? If so, call us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Malhotra as your first step toward feeling fantastic again.

Content reference – “Anti-Aging Medicine” – Reality or Myth? by Sangeeta Pati, MD